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Trustpilot Review on Shell Energy: Utterly useless in every conceivable way

Utterly useless in every conceivable way. Broadband was installed badly and never worked (including the phone). Impossible to get them to repair it during lockdown, despite repeated requests, and customer service was spectacularly unhelpful. Eventually, I had no alternative but to cancel. I had paid about £250 for a year’s service I never received and was offered £30 in compensation. A disgrace. Avoid at all costs! Be warned.

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company.

This article posted on 24 November 2020.

The worst company I’ve ever used…

The worst company I’ve ever used totally incompetent!!!!

Worst broadband

Broadband service is disgusting I have disabilities and they say put wires round door frames the wifi is abysmal so they say put ethernet cables in I PAY FOR WIFI services are not fit for purpose ie CR4P

Utterly useless in every way!

Utterly useless in every conceivable way. Broadband was installed badly and never worked (including the phone). Impossible to get them to repair it during lockdown, despite repeated requests, and customer service was spectacularly unhelpful. Eventually, I had no alternative but to cancel. I had paid about £250 for a year’s service I never received and was offered £30 in compensation. A disgrace. Avoid at all costs! Be warned.

An absolute shambles of a company they…

An absolute shambles of a company they have been taking direct debit payments from me for two months but have yet to complete my switch to them and have the most inept and rude customer service avoid this company at all costs

Worst energy supplier

I wish I could give them 0 stars. Not a good company at all, they didnt deal with my complaints so finally decided to switch to British Gas for both Gas & Electricity. I am still considering going to ombudsmon against them. Avoid them at any cost.

Sadly I can’t give zero stars

Sadly I can’t give zero stars. Poor customer service, they make the bill amounts up as they go. Avoid at all costs.

One of the worst Energy provider ever

One of the worst Energy provider ever. I called 3 days to sort out final meter reading but they have got one the worst customer service ever in UK. I would never ever recommend anyone to use Shell Energy.

Avoid at all costs !

Avoid at all costs !! Sadly I cannot give zero or minus stars – they are the worst company I have ever dealt with. After moving house they are still trying to charge me for energy I haven’t used when I didn’t live in the property and despite sending numerous emails to the “customer service” team with proof of new address and bank statements proving council tax payments they “can’t open those type of documents” one advisor admitted the new occupier of my old home hadn’t paid any bills for the whole of 2020 so I think they are trying to charge me for her energy. It’s now with ombudsman: google shell energy on Facebook – there is a whole group Dedicated to the immoral, bully boy and frankly criminal practices they employ- I left my old property on Aug 2019 and they have come chasing me for money in Sept 2020 and the whole saga has had a massive affect on my mental health


Worst company ever. We’re moving house soon and asked for a quote for the new place so we could compare their services with other providers. They took our credit card details to supposedly check our credit score. They said they’d email us the quote. At no point did we have a verbal agreement nor anything in writing. Today, we received an email telling us that in 2 days time we’ll have to pay for the first bill. We don’t even live at that new address yet! And as it’s a Saturday we, of course, can’t get through to their CS. So, in short, they have taken it upon themselves to cancel the current tenant’s energy supplier (!), move it to Shell and have US pay for it without any form of consent. If that’s not fraud I don’t know what is. Please do yourself a favour and avoid this company at all cost. We’re looking to take legal action.


Signed up to a fixed tariff till 2022 paying £90.00 a month. Shell put it up to £140 a month and even wanted to put it up to £235.00 a month!!! My energy use has not changed and I have never paid so much for energy ever!!!! I decided to change supplier even though I knew they would charge me £100 for the privilege. I am in the process of moving over and now they have passed me over to a credit company because I won’t pay the remaining balance till the end of the month as I have already had to pay out a month’s direct debit with them. Completely unlawful and untrustworthy company please please avoid at all costs.

i have finally got rid of this bunch of…

i have finally got rid of this bunch of scammers . they will not tell me why i was billed twice in september or why they doubled the charge in october . i have had no invoices for months despite asking for them . all i have recieved is some paperwork that is impossible to fathom out . i owe them some money but i want to check it out but i cant get any information from them . the only replies they give out are slimy messages on your forums . robin hood has nothing on these chancers .

Avoid at all costs. Shocking Customer service

My account was switched over in August 2020. We are coming up to December and my first bill hasn’t been produced as they haven’t sorted my opening readings out yet. They keep blaming the previous supplier even after I have sent them a confirmed final bill. I have given them 3 months to sort this out but not even a phone call to say how my complaint is progressing. I very rarely complain about anything and have not rang them for four weeks but not a single phone call or email to advise the progress of my opening reads. I am meant to be a new customer and I dread to think how they treat their long-term customers. I will be leaving them at the earliest opportunity. If any of you are thinking of switching, my advice to you is, PLEASE DON’T. They will con you into thinking that switching to them is great but it is one of the worst decisions I ever made!!! AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. I had no issue when it was First Utility which is the only reason I returned only to find out they have now ruined the company. Totally unacceptable for new customer.

Terrible service

I am moving away from Shell Engery after a terrible experience moving property. Because our new home is essentially new build with us being the first occupants, we needed help getting the gas meter registered to our address as this was not done by the previous owners. Shell Energy did not contact me to resolve the issue despite my chasing over a 6 week period – I must have spent almost a day in total on the phone trying to get somewhere however I am still in the same position I was 6 weeks ago. Shame because I found First Utility so helpful and easy to deal with, all issues started when they were taken over by Shell Energy.

Quite possibly the worst service ever

Quite possibly the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.

I registered for a gas supply over 2 weeks ago and made it very evident I had no meter. I contacted them (on web chat with someone four times, as no phone number to contact). They said they would sort it and arrange an installation. After three weeks, I still had no contact – was left without heating and hot water. Called up British Gas and arranged a date within 20 minutes.

Switched to these Jokers over 2 months…

Switched to these clowns over 2 months ago and they still cant get it right. 20 calls to customer service. Useless as tits on a frog!!!!!! Avoid Avoid Avoid
They see the switch they have an account for us but have no idea what the issue is!!! And dont get me started on Uswitch
Good luck if you go with either company. If you value your time please use anther provider

I’ve had nothing but trouble signing…

I’ve had nothing but trouble signing over to shell energy. First they lost my first payment. It took 2 month for them to sign me over then my gas wasn’t changed over , I contacted them and they said it was rejected . I asked why and why no one contacted me and I got no explanation, just there had been a problem. If I’d have known they were this bad I would have changed to another company . The customer service don’t care just say it will be sorted. I’ve had to all the work to make sure it was switched ok. Not a good start to sign up to shell.

Switched to Shell Energy this month.

Switched to Shell Energy this month.

Had an e-mail asking for my meter reading.

However when I try to enter on their website I get an error, when I try on the mobile app the option is greyed out, and when I try to leave over the phone it says my account doesn’t exist.

Rang Customer and after waiting 30 mins I gave up, no queue number or how long the waiting time is.

Sent them an e-mail.

Tried to ring them again the next day. This time after waiting for 20 mins I got them to ring me back. However when they did the advisor had to transfer my call and after waiting after 20 mins I gave up.

I get this feeling I’ve made a big mistake using this supplier and I’m still getting e-mails from them asking for my meter readings.


I gt stopped in the street by a shell representative.They asked for my details in order to compare how much cheaper they were against my current supplier. After they showed me I said I will think about it as I still had a few more months with my current supplier.Weeks later I received a bill from Shell i was confused as I didn’t ask to change over. The bill was also very high.I called up & asked why they had sent me a bill as my energy is supplied by another company. They said I had been switched over to them & once the bill was paid I would receive a £50 amazon gift card. I told them I didn’t want to be with them I hadn’t signed anything & I would now owe my current provider for leaving. I was then told if I wanted to leave id have to pay Shell energy a £50 exit fee. I was livid. I said im not paying such a high bill only to be told it was estimated. I then rang my current supplier to explain what had happened they told me a manager would call me back. I got a call & the manager told me to go back to Shell energy & ask for ET change back as it was only early days & the switch over was still in process so Shell energy could stop it & leave me with my current supplier. I went back & fourth with Shell energy in the end I had to log a complaint just to get someone to help. I called back my old suppliers spoke with the manager he was nice enough to call Shell energy himself to ask for me to get ET. The manager called me back & said they wasn’t willing to do it, I was best to put it in writing form off an email, also letting them know what they’ve done is illegal. I done exactly that. But it went on for months. In the end I did get moved back to my current supplier. But not after lots of stress,phone calls, emails.Not to mention a huge bill from Shell energy,whom also billed me the same time as my current supplier plus they wanted £50 exit fee even though it was ET back to my current supplier. It ended up being waiver after sending emails to them. I also challenged them on the high bill and double billing from them & my current supplier. They said we believe theres an issue with your meter & it should be changed over completely as they believe there’s a fault with it due to it being so old. They where willing to do this if I stayed. I mentioned it to my current supplier who came out tested it & nothing was wrong with the meter. Shell energy are now chasing me for the months they forced me to be with them. Im not sure how they get away with doing this.

Please avoid this company at all costs…

Please avoid this company at all costs , the worst energy company ever that I have been with in my entire life , truly bad , the worst energy company I have ever been with in my entire life , I have asked for my final bill so I can move to another company , you get cut of , you get put on hold , you canT get someone to speak properly with you who knowes what they are doing , you cannot get through to sort you wrongly sent out bill , you get completely bombarded daily with text messages e mails to pay on line , and you know your bill is wrong , I was with green star energy , they was good , then shell bought them out , so I got out steight with shell , so nine months on my contact was coming to a end , I could not get away from them quick enough , Terible company , i Connor get my final bill sent to me , I have switched now to another company , but I have been waiting for over 6 weeks now for my final bill , I hsve just received e mail and text again , telling me to yet again supply meter reading to my new company witch I hsve already done , but still six weeks later no bill from my reading I gave over the phone , after waiting nearly a hour trying to get through , I then get another e mail telling me that I won’t be getting a final bill for about another 6 weeks , this is so deliberate , so they can completely bump up your bill , has this Is what happens to my nabour , then she got a big bill of them , 15 weeks later , she had been switched for over 4 months with new. Company , and now they are doing the same with me , so I will have to get again ring up and try and get through and ask for a final bill to be sent out to mr yet again , I am going to ofgem and we’re ever I can yo complain about this most hideous and none trustworthy con artist company , I have ever had to deal with , I can’t wait to get away from them , I would rather be with a better company and pay a bit more , the haste of a bad company like this just isn’t worth it , I give no stars what’s so ever , minus a million start for this Terible Terible company , stay away you have been warned , bad bad bad they are . I did not sign any contract with you , I just got put with you unfortunately , from you buying out green star , so I didn’t have any official sign contact with you , so I want my final bill sending to me ASAP now , and I will be taking either action if you don’t send it out to me ASAP like I have already asked , you are not leaving this for weeks and weeks like you want to So you can try and send big bill out , when I will have already been with other new company got months , I will be receiving my bills from them , then won’t I , so don’t you think you can send me bills has well , it didn’t work like that , my new company told me , the change over would only take 3-4 weeks at the most , and you still want to take up to another 6 weeks you say , before I can receive my final bill , why , why I ask , it does not take 6 weeks twice over to send out a persons final bill , it doesn’t take that long especially when they keep ringing giving you up to date meter readings , and you say yes your bill will be with you now in three to four days , and it just never arrives , then you think you can send one out for about £600 pound , like a mother customer had exsperianced in the poor review section , are you not ashamed of the way you run this Terible business , hopefully you won’t be in business very long , you need shutting down , we will all get to gether and take you to court , if you keep in treating us very unfairly like you are doing


Shell energy sent me a bill for over 5k I have been in despite for over 2years. I had a smart meter fitted the engineer who fitted it said it was faulty but he advised to contact customer service to which I did. I’ve had the same conversation for 2years I want a engineer out to test there equipment they always say I will receive a call within 7 working days to arrange it but guess what I NEVER get the call so I go thru the whole process again.
I live with my partner in a 2bed flat that’s it we both work full time for the past 18 months I took care of my gran mon, Tue, wed and Thurs so 1person for 4 days 2 people for 3 days and I owe 5k?????????

Shell energy are a very dangerous …

Shell energy are a very dangerous energy company formally first utility .
I would urge all people reading this review not to join them as in my opinion very dishonest. They sent us a bill for 5k and threatened us with bailiffs and all sorts,when disputed lots of letters and emails latter we decided to go down the ombudsmen route ,that did not help so reluctantly we paid the bill and tried to move. Guess what? they are still blocking the move and as from 8th November we only owe 12 or 14 days of gas and electricity. Who uses 5k worth of electricity of gas and electricity when all the householders work full time or in fulltime education. I can’t wait to move to a more greener more people focused energy supplier. If I would have checked Shell energy customers reviews and realised they are one of the world’s biggest climate polluters in the world. Look at the lawsuits filed against in 2008. Also across the world shell climate wreckin activities are leaving a trail of destruction. Also huge tax avoidance issues. Lots of greener energy about and cheaper. Please look into them.


Appalling company, they increase bills for no reason. Customer service is nonexistent. They rarely answer the phone but when I did finally get through I was put on hold for 47 minutes. Despite numerous responses to their emails, text messages and even on their social media page I have had no direct contact with them . After being very unhappy with this company and the way they conduct themselves I cancelled my direct debit and changed supplier. Shell energy informed me that I would have a final bill for the handover period. The gas bill for the 44 days has been paid in full and settled as it was correct. However, Shell energy have decided that 44 days of electricity for my small 2 bed end terrace house is apparently £692.74. I’m now being threatened with legal action and bailiffs as I’m still waiting for the correct final bill which should be around £50 so that I can pay it . Appalling company!

Shell energy expect me to pay £205 next…

Shell energy expect me to pay £205 next month. Shell energy are ripp off and make there own figures up. Absolutely disgusting I didn’t agree to switch to shell energy when green Star Energy folded. I had no paperwork and I didn’t agree or sign a contract. The fake shell adverts are a con. There will soon be advert on how fake and how shell energy run this cowboy of company. They fiddle with there numbers and figures. How is this company still standing. They are not genuine and have no morals and have no compassion. Stay away from this ruthless company shell Energy.

Chased for bill payment even though it…

Chased for bill payment even though it had already been paid by standing order. Getting hold of anyone to look into this close to impossible. Definitely don’t use Shell Broadband if you have a choice.



£15 to terminate the service AFTER contract ends

Please be aware this company charges you £15 to terminate the service AFTER your contract ends. They claimed this was stated in the terms and conditions but when you check the T&C it was updated AFTER I signed up to their service. Frankly rather shameless and disgusting practice.

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