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Trustpilot Verdict on Shell Broadband: Snail Mail is Faster Than my Internet

Some extracts from current customer comments posted on Trustpilot: A Trustpilot Verdict on Shell Broadband: “Snail Mail is Faster Than my Internet”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past few days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 07 JAN 2021.

Awful customer service

Awful customer service. We were without internet for weeks because they just didn’t bother to do things unless I chased them. It was even difficult to get put through to the complaints team. Very poor clarity in communication, to the point it feels deceitful. They seem to regularly close complaints without actually doing anything about them. They do not make it clear that they use TalkTalk, I would have avoided them if it was clear in the documents.

Absolutely terrible customer service

Absolutely terrible customer service. Three messages over a two week period, and not a single response (even with the threat of me leaving them)
They decided to DOUBLE my bill after a few months, because they made a mistake in calculating how much i use, even with a fixed tariff (based on my Oct-Dec bill !!!)
I have a feeling they draw you in with a cheap quote, then increase your bill (i may be wrong, but that is my feeling). Will be looking to cancel my account, even if it means paying exit fees

An absolute disgraceful & outrageous…

An absolute disgraceful & outrageous provider. They’re charging me £217 for ONLY 34 days for my 1 bed flat just for electricity. they never answer calls or reply to my emails,
I will create awareness & I’ve raised it with the ombudsman too..

Avoid Shell Energy they have just doubled my…

Shell Energy have just doubled my direct debit from £30 per month to £60 per month they say based on usage but they have been massively over estimating my bills and increasing my DD even though my usage has not increased. I complained to Customer Services who refused to put the DD back to £30 pm. I have now made a compliant via Resolver and will take the matter to Ombudsman. I wish I had never changed to Shell and will move Supplier when my Contract ends in September. My advice to anyone is avoid this company as others have said on this forum

How does shel energy get away with…

How does shel energy get away with ripping people off and especially sending netty letters you robbing cowboys. I didn’t sign up to merge with shell energy how do you sleep at night. Dangerous for anyone to stay with. They will fiddle and make up numbers a triple your balance. Con artist big time robbing Shell energy of people.

Snail Mail is Faster Than my Internet

Internet from the nineties.
Dial-up modem standard of speed.
7.5Mbps download average.
Initially, i thought the problem was the cheap and nasty modem they supplied but after changing modem and gaining 0.3 Mbps, I was sorely disappointed.
I wont even buy petrol from Shell now because of their shoddy internet supply selling secondhand TalkTalk.
One day I will meet a Shell employee who needs something from me and I will give them exactly what they give me, the most appalling service ever.


Ignorant and arrogant customer…
Ignorant and arrogant customer services.

Had to verify account details three times as they kept transferring me and not giving the details to the person I was transferred to. Eventually ended up trying to log a complaint with a girl in Poland who could barely speak English. She asked why I called them over and over again even though I explained they called me. Her answer to everything I said was to hum “hmmhmmm”

Still have no idea why they called……

Horrible company to deal with and staff customer service skills are zero.

I have been lied to and they think we…

I have been lied to and they think we are stupid .we want our meter changed to a prepayment meter NOW

This company is joke

This company is joke. They have denie my warm discount scheme although I received it while with EON, and my circumstances have not changed. When I enquired about the reason, they said, oh we don’t make decisions but DWP does, but I wonder whether DWP has changed their eligibility terms just this year. Their customer service phone is poorly attended, you can stay on phone for over 45 minutes waiting to be connected. Also after you have submitted meter readings, it takes them weeks to generate bills, you have to chase them around first. Stay away from this company, it is a rubbish, I can’t wait to finish my contract with them and move on.

I was promised to be able to move from…

I was promised to be able to move from Shell energy on 9th December. Here we are on the 6th January and Shell energy are so desperate for my custom that they are using any trick in the book to keep me from moving away from them

A very disgusting company very pushy…

A very disgusting company very pushy sales people that come to your door and forced and lied to my elderly grandma claiming they supplied her gas and electricity and British gas was a middle man that just sends out the bill and if she didn’t sign up British gas will put her bills up the shell energy agent wouldn’t leave my grandma alone plz plz people be very careful with sales agents that come to your door.

Hopeless Company

To those of you writing good reviews about Shell Energy I suspect you have not had a serious issue with this company. Please keep in mind the results of a survey undertaken by Which Magazine that took into consideration the opinions of 7,355 members.
Overall Customer Satisfaction: 58%
Customer Service: 2/5 Stars
Complaints Handling: 3
Value for Money: 3
Bill Clarity: 3
This review continued: Shell Energy is amongst the biggest ten energy firms but not amongst the best. Since Shell bought First Utility in 2018 it has moved from mid table into the bottom 6. Shell Energy came a lowly 29th out of 35 energy company’s.
This review also highlighted:
It takes forever to contact Shell Energy by telephone.
Shell offers a live chat line. Of the 18 energy company’s Which contacted Shell was the slowest taking 33 mins and 39 secs to respond. The average wait time from the other 17 company’s was 3 mins and 6 secs.
Their website is poor, no one seems to be able to address this.
Shell are difficult to deal with if you get a problem.
There are to many departments, no one person deals with your complaint.
Returning to my previous review; despite many interactions with Shell I am no further forward.
My initial complaint had been about the Shell Energy Off Peak Electrical Vehicle Charging Tariff that when applied actually means your bill increases whereas other suppliers offer genuine reductions. The huge wait times of between 30 to 60 minutes to speak to a human being was another issue. Unfortunately, even when you do get to speak to someone generally they cannot answer questions about EVC tariffs often saying they will get someone to call you back. Sometimes, someone did call you back sometimes they did not. If they did call you back and you missed their call they did not usually call you a second time. After a while their incompetence / poor training becomes very frustrating. The next and bigger issue was the three month wait for a Smart Meter. Without this item it is not possible to monitor the energy being used for EVC. Leading up to the supply of a Smart Meter I was contacted by Shell Energy to ensure their installer would be totally COVID safe when he visited on the 25 Nov. On the day, I was to ensure no one in the household had COVID symptoms, the installer must not be in close proximity with any household member and his safety was paramount at all times. I was only to direct him to the site where the Smart Meter was to be installed. When he competed his work he would call out to say he was leaving. In return he would be fully PPE protected and would socially distance at all times. The reality was when their installer arrived he was wearing no PPE whatsoever and likewise he totally failed to socially distance. It should have been obvious to him each time he moved towards me I moved away from him however he did not appear to recognise his over close proximity was making me feel most uncomfortable. All of this was witnessed by a Post Office employee. Our current British Gas Smart Meter is situated in a clear space in my garage to which I directed this person. He immediately asked why I wanted my current meter changed. I said it was a version 1 meter that did not work with Shell Energy. He then decided he needed to change other equipment on the main board after this he then informed me he could not do this as there was a small fridge in the way. I informed him I could roll the fridge out of his way in less than a minute. He said for Health & Safety reasons this was not acceptable hence he could not install a Smart Meter. I mentioned Pod Point (a BP Company) had a couple of weeks previously worked on the same board when they had installed an Electrical Vehicle Charger also requiring the partial moving of the same fridge that caused Pod Point no concerns. This installer had no consideration for my Health & Safety only his “OWN” he left without allowing any further negotiation. By First Class Recorded Mail on the 27th November I posted a seven page complaint letter to the Shell Energy CEO Colin Crooks. Twelve days later on the 9th November during a telephone conversation with a Shell Customer Services Operative I was informed they had never received a letter from me. After I provided the RDP number they found my letter the next day. For four years now I have had what will eventually become terminal cancer so COVID is a concern to me, hence I am careful. Shell Energy beyond regularly saying they are reaching out to me have not provided any acceptable resolution. Matters are made worse by the fact at least three Customer Service Operatives have now handled my complaint, so no consistency. I have never received even the courtesy of an acknowledgement for my letter to their CEO. Compensation offered is a lowly £40 for the danger they have inflicted upon me and others, I regret using Shell you should not!

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