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Trustpilot Shell Energy Reviews: Do not bother with this bunch of useless, unhelpful people who do not appear to care

Current customer postings on Trustpilot: “Their phone system took me round in circles and I never got an answer. They took 5 weeks to answer an email and then didn’t help with my issues. Do not bother with this bunch of useless, unhelpful people who do not appear to care.”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 24 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 11 FEB 2021.

Trying to speak to someone on the phone…

Trying to speak to someone on the phone is a joke. My last attempt was over 60 minutes waiting and then putting the phone down. Not a happy bunny.

Do not bother with this bunch of usless, unhelpful people who do not appear to care.

*Their phone system took me round in circles and I never got an answer. They took 5 weeks to answer an email and then didn’t help with my issues. Do not bother with this bunch of useless, unhelpful people who do not appear to care. (the review wouldnt let me leave the word idi*ts)

Horrible customer service

When you finally get through to them after 30 mins hold time. Absolutely awful costumer service. There advisors haven’t a clue what they are doing. Probably the worst customer service I have ever had up there with Barclays. Maybe they should try using British call center.

I find it almost impossible to speak to…

I find it almost impossible to speak to anyone on the phone and not very helpful when I do get through. My bill has nearly doubled from £40.00 per month to £76.00 per month. Wish I hadn’t switched. Will you release me from my contact with no penalty.

Worst customer service i have come…

Worst customer service i have come across keeps waiting on hold for hour

Pretty hopeless right from the start

Pretty hopeless right from the start. My account, either via the web or the app never shows the right details. The app has almost nothing “failed to load” or “not available”. They’ve never managed to read the Smart meters correctly and when one failed, it was a complete debacle trying to get the readings sorted. For a company the size of Shell, this is really poor. As soon as my year’s contract is up, I’m switching.

Looks like i have made a big mistake of…

Looks like i have made a big mistake of joining this company.
they provided wrong meter reading to my previous supplier for which they charged me 5 time more than my bill.

seem to be dealing with systems rathe…

seem to be dealing with systems rathe than people! since transferring in November I entered a wrong meter reading for electricity (+200) on 1 Jan, realised my error, re-submitted correct figure on 6/1 and emailed reason expecting an adjustment which never materialised-sent reading on 31 Jan which again was declared invalid-my bill shows an estimated reading which is far in excess of useage-now informed my direct debit is to be increased by £100 this month! not impressed!

Isolation switch installation (How hard with shell- job uncomplete)

Most definitely the most stressful utility company to deal with.

Wanted a new Isolation switch installed due to fuse box change and ev charger installation, so electrician required point isolate the supply. This was in December. was offered the Isolation switch & smart meter replacement. So accepted at the time, only date being 10 February. again this has delayed my electrician.

Today: 3rd party company sms plc come for installation. Only Smart meters were installed.
When asking the engineer regarding the isolation switch, that was so important, holding up the works. I was advised its not on his works schedule, that was submitted to sms plc.

Called Shell energy whilst engineer on site, was advised that the isolation switch was not on the list. Even though there is email & online thread conversation of the booking in of the jobs. Engineer was not able to complete the switch side. Now having to raise a formal compliant against shell.

Shell energy have yet again held me up again & lost a days works, for nothing, as shell energy seem to be incompetent, to book a job correctly it would seem.

Looking very much to leaving, already in process of speaking with rival competitors, whom be a cheaper fuel tariff & importantly more than happy to fit the isolation switch, to allow me to continue building works.

Unprofessional: avoid

Not only slow, but also lethargic. After a month, I was informed that the grace period had expired and it was another two weeks before connection to my supplies.

Furthermore, when usage figures were initially submitted, the indicated cost was £22 p/m, but this was immediately hiked to £30 p/m. Payment was taken even before commencement of supplies. Clearly, I will be looking for alternative supplier when current contract expires. No customer services to speak of or to.

Made a payment plan with shell never…

Made a payment plan with shell never missed a payment sent me to recovery agent even after i spent nearly 3hrs on hold spoke to one of the girls and she check and apologiesed to me said she would sort it out but they still sent me to the agency just waiting to see if i get any extra charges

Unimpressed Service

I recently switched to Shell Energy for cost and In home energy meter.
Having been with them approximately 3 months, after being with Shell about 6 weeks the IHD failed?After carrying out the suggested trouble shooting remedy the unit failed to operate, on leaving it 2 days the unit started to function. A further 5 weeks on the unit failed again! On this occasion the unit failed to respond again. Shell Energy were contacted and the reply was that it was a firmware fault with BOTH supply meters and that they could not do anything to resolve the problem.
In 2021 with today’s technology l’m sure this could and should be solvable? Not impressed I don’t think I will be renewing at the end of the contract or giving any recommendations.

I am dissatisfied with the outcome!! My request (7785001)

I am dissatisfied with the outcome!!! I was really surprised and shocked by your awful customer service. If I were able to do it, I would put less than one star!!

…..A engineer came to my house to solve a fault on 29th of January. He had to drill the wall. When I asked my landlord, she gave me permission to do it. The engineer came to my home with no mask…and decided not to finish the work that day and he said to come back to do that another day. He was very rude. He left me again without service and did not solve the problem despite my pleas….I had been without internet service for three days, from the first day (27/01/2021) the contract with Shell energy began, due to a failure of the company. Then, I decided to finish the contract the same day (just two days after starting the contract with shell energy!).

Since 27 of January I do not have INTERNET SERVICES at all. I cancelled my contract the same day that the engineer came to my home because of the awful services you provided me.

I am very dissatisfied with customer services of Shell Energy. I made hundred of calls, since the 1st day I had the contract with them. I do not want to pay a bill which I did not consume!!! I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY BROADBAND SERVICES WITH SHELL!! I AM STILL TODAY WITH NO BROADBAND SERVICES, AFTER 15 DAYS!!!!!!

and…they have another name…a certain ‘Maria Midlothian’ in the system???? I have never provided this information at sign up. MY REAL NAME IS MARIA-JESUS AMERIGO, that is the real information I provided to the agent.

They didn’t solve my problem yet. NEITHER, they did not offer me any discount as a client to take care of…..!!! they also told me to pay If I was to cancel at the moment, they would incur Early Termination Charges totaling £279.00???? REALLY??… I am completely dissatisfied with the service…very upset…angry…I lost work and money.!!.. and I paid my own extra-phone data… I have so far received and therefore wish to invoke my right!!!! (SEE the letter I sent you by post and email!!, under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, to cancel this contract within 14 days from my first day of contrat (27/01/21)!!!!!

In cancelling within this period I will not be required to make any penalty payment!! I have 14 day cooling off period in which I can cancel the service

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