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Shell Energy customer service staff incredibly rude and disinterested

Extracts from Shell Energy customer reviews posted during the past few days on Trustpilot: “I was told when I moved to Shell broadband it would be as good as what I had with my last provider, very disappointed it’s terrible”: “very poor connection keeps disconnecting everyone in the house wish I’d never have changed”: “A shambles is the politest way to put it.”: “A bunch of crooks. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.”: “Staff we had the pleasure of speaking to were incredibly rude and disinterested…”

Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article was posted on 18 July 2021.

very poor connection keeps…

very poor connection keeps disconnecting everyone in the house wish I’d never have changed

I was mis-sold this product

I was mis-sold this product. It was never explained to me that it was broadband only and did not include TV. Why on earth would anybody who is the private home owner would want just broadband is beyond me. If it is for your home you need a TV package but at no point was this explained to me and I am now in the process of trying to reduce the £300 penalisation fee they say they are charging me for ending the contract early. Absolutely disgusting service

A shambles is the politest way to put …

A shambles is the politest way to put it. The right hand just does not know what the left hand is doing. Very hard to work with, never get anything 100% correct. Paul Crisp (a house mover in the middle of a contract.).


Signed up for Shell energy but cancelled 7 days later within the cooling off period. Lo and behold 6 weeks later they take £93 out of my account. I have confirmation that my energy account was cancelled so why take the money. A bunch of crooks. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask. Definitely an energy company to avoid at all costs.

I moved from Plusnet as we were having…

I moved from Plusnet as we were having troubles with daily downtime and you promised more! Sorry it’s just as bad if not worse for down time and buffering on All4 and Netflix- disappointed as have now signed to to a contract.

Awful service and the worst customer…

Awful service and the worst customer service I have experienced wish I had read the reviews before signing up please do yourselves a favour and avoid. They offer 14 days cancellation yet the box took 2 weeks to come by the time you try it you are locked into a contract, internet constantly crashes we have had to get another company to provide us with internet as shell simply can’t deliver!I Staff we had the pleasure of speaking to were incredibly rude and disinterested I recommend any company other than shell!!

I was charged twice for one month

I was charged twice for one month, when querying it, they still can’t find my payment, even though I sent my statement clearly stating the payment. We were without service for a further week after our go live date. after complaining several times To several employees they discovered the wrong engineer was booked in. So had to wait again. Feel like I was passed from pillar to post the whole time

Switched to Shell about a year ago on a…

Switched to Shell about a year ago on a fixed contract price based on current usage. After 11 months i received a letter stating our monthly payment was set to double. Having phoned Shell I discovered our account was £450 in debit. We had received no notification of this. When i explained that i had a fixed contract for a set price, they insisted that the price of fuel had increased and thus there prices had increased accordingly. I reviewed our online statements and it clearly showed that the debit on our account had been increasing from the 1st month of the fixed tariff. Clearly showing that Shell had not honoured the fixed rate and that there fuel prices had not “increased”. They had simply not honoured the fixed tarrif. Shell then proceeded to insist that it was my usage that had increased. I checked the smart meter and my electricity usage had gone up minutely over the last 2 months, however when i investigated further my gas usage was actually much lower than when I took out the fixed contract. Another attempt by Shell to manipulate the truth/ lie. As the conversation progressed, I asked why i hadn’t been notified if my account was in debit. They replied we sent you emails. I never received any emails. And when I pressed for copies I got told they “couldn’t provide them” which was followed up with you should have checked your account with us. When i stated that i would go to citizens advice as I had the policy wording clearly showing we had a fixed tariff I was told, that if we where refusing payment for the debit they could offer us payment management (debit collection services). The conversation continued. But the takeaway is that this company has ZERO intrest in honouring its own legal obligations. They willingly and proactively lie and manipulate the truth and gaslight customers to blame shift. They will attempt fraud from day one and refuse to accept responsibility even when presented with the evidence. Shell energy is shameful and dishonest. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


Shell Energy has merged with Greenstar Energy, My readings on takeover were COMPLETELY inaccurate, After submitting a meter reading to Shell I apparently owe them around £300, I was in the green with Greenstar energy and always up to date. They’ve debited me with £133.00 and want another £150 plus another £96+ a month from now on from my original £60 a month, I am completely pissed and will leave this dirty company if this doesn’t get sorted. SCAM ENERGY, is that what you want to be known for?


I have had my home phone and broadband with this company for about 6 months when it was owned by Post Office Telecoms. Both companies have no idea about customer services. I have had bad experience in the internet cutting off and these companies keep telling me that is wrong even though I have photos proving otherwise with photos of equipment needed to aid my disability needing the internet. But its a no no no with these companies. I soon proved via their emails that they were not telling the truth and stated that they would send round an engineer and after the findings would sort out a compensation package. The engineer was booked for Thursday 15 July 2021 between 3pm – 6pm. No one turned up but at around 4pm I received a bad message on my home phone stating I need to call to make a further appointment. I tried calling twice and left on hold for ages before being cut off. At 5:01pm I received a text message stating: ‘WE HAVE FIXED THE TECHNICAL FAULT ON YOUR POST OFFICE SERVICE. IF YOU ARE STILL EXPERIENCING PROBLEMS PLEASE CALL OUR CUSTOMER CARE LINE ON 03456003210 This proved to be a 100% lie as today speaking with Fiona I found out that it is a standard text message sent out but this ignorant company with its ignorant staff refused to state they have done anything wrong and now want to send me a dead lock letter. A DISGRACEFUL COMPANY THAT NEEDS EVERYONE TO UNDERSTAND HOW BAD THEY ARE

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