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Trustpilot review verdict on Shell Energy: SCAM ARTISTS

Trustpilot review verdict on Shell Energy: SCAM ARTISTS

Extracts from Shell Energy customer reviews posted during the past few days on Trustpilot: “Still taking payments from my elderly mother, 3 months after internet service cancelled!!, terrible to deal with!!”: “I have never experienced a company so completely inept and absolutely clueless without a care for actually giving out factually correct information.”

Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article was posted on 27 July 2021.



Still taking payments from my elderly Mum!!

Still taking payments from my elderly mother, 3 months after internet service cancelled!!, terrible to deal with!! and still they want another payment and a further 30 days notice?? service was cancelled in May!! Shell Energy were told that their service was NOT to be renewed!!

What an absolute shambles

What an absolute shambles. In over 20 years of paying for my own gas and electric like an actual grown-up I have never experienced a company so completely inept and absolutely clueless without a care for actually giving out factually correct information. Nearly 4 months and still no idea how much energy I’ve used

Overcharged using day tarif – no response after multiple calls

Since having smart meter fitted in March am still waiting for my calls to be returned.Prior to the smart meter we have been charged day rate tariff for 2yrs,waiting find out how much been overcharged for this duration. Last 3x of calling told will be called back within 5days – Nothing.Last call promised an email which never arrived….. Terrible service. Need to get this wrapped up before leaving them at the end of this month when our tariff ends. In addition to this they waited 6months before increasing direct debit which during COVID should have been dealt with sooner to avoid being in debit.Also when renewing the tariff we requested that we continue with £60 payments which was not done.

Shell Energy contacted me a few days ago regarding my ongoing problems I’ve been having with them since May. They asked for a time when it was best to ring me back. I gave them a 5 hour window during their opening hours to ring me back in today which resulted in me waiting by the phone for 5 hours. Did they ring me back? No. They didn’t. I checked my emails to see if they’d given me a reason why they couldn’t find a few minutes free in 5 hours to call me like they had said they would but no emails from them. If anyone from Shell is reading this I am free tomorrow (Tuesday) after 3pm and would appreciate a call back.

Accepted the offer from Shell Energy…

Accepted the offer from Shell Energy through the Big London Energy Switch and followed their guidance on moving house. It’s painfully obvious that Shall have tried to buy their way into Energy with no experience of consumers. They didn’t seem to be comprehend that a new house may have different meter arrangement from the old. That was my problem not theirs. All I get is “computer say no”. Now they are asking for readings for an account that has not been set up. Management seem to be steering well clear of the call centre as it may involve making decisions. Still it seems they have no difficlty setting up a Direct Debit even though it is not on the account I wanted.

Not fulfilling what was originally agreed

I have just been on the phone to the customer services department whom I have absolutely no issues with, so far, I have found them very helpful only problem is there seems to be a long wait time to get connected to someone. My complaint is since Shell Energy is not fulfilling its end of the contract set up by myself for a “Dual Energy” account. I have tried to switch providers however am still paying the quoted price for only Electric supply. I made my last attempt to resolve this on Friday where like I said the customer services team were very informative and helpful. It was when I was put in touch with the Home move team my issue started, and I was making my final attempt to get both my gas and electric over to you. I was speaking to a woman who was very dismissive and kept telling me I never signed up to a dual energy account in the first place, I was advised she was going to have to requote for dual energy to which I said why when I signed up for dual energy and Shell has not managed to provide that service however I have been billed for both to receive one and be left paying another company for gas. I explained I would not be paying more than the original £46 per month however the quote re issued was for £76. For these reasons, I will be leaving Shell as a provider and expect any administration fees to be waived due to Shell not fulfilling their end of the contract after been given opportunities to resolve

Credit report damaging

Signed up due to a good price. My transfer from Sky was cancelled. Shell told me that it’s because Sky blocked the transfer. Signed up again and was told that they didn’t have any capacity on the exchange. I went with Vodafone that managed to complete the transfer within days.

This month I have checked my credit file and found out that Shell performed a hard credit search twice! Most other utility companies perform soft searches.

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