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Avoid Shell Energy like the plague

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

11 Sept 2021


Avoid this company like the plague

Avoid this company like the plague, I took over this property, Shell Energy was then the provider, unable to get through via the tel number, an automated message states leave your account number and tel number and someone will call back, this never happens, I switched to my previous supplier and I am still receiving computer generated letters / demands stating I owe them money, some of these letters state that if I don’t pay it will effect my credit rating, appalling, get your act together starting with a customer service tel contact.

The Rubbish continues….

I received a call today at 9:15 but I was in a meeting and kindly advised the agent to ring me back in an hour
10 hours later still no call
Why do you respond by saying that you are really sorry but in reality you don’t give a damn.
Next time I will be writing to your chief exec with all the names of the people who made me promises

Do not trust this company

Today I read on MoneySavingExpert that last March, Shell said they would terminate the Cease Fee.
They obviously haven’t! Moreover they should not have charged me this anyway as I signed up with MoneySavingExpert. It seems like fraud. The fact they charge anybody the Cease Fee is really, really wrong. Even if they scrap this, would you really trust this company? See what else I have said below.

Who has ever heard of a Cease Charge when you have completed your contract? Well Shell applies this charge, seemingly to try to prevent you going anywhere else.
This company also only tells you your existing contract ends the day after it has ended unlike others who give notice this will happen. My Broadband contract ended day before yesterday and now they are adding a Cease Charge of £12 as I decided to switch to Vodafone.
They sent a letter saying my new company can increase charges (but Shell did this themselves), it says my service WILL be interrupted, and that I can experience slower speeds.
Speaking of interrupted, it was months before Shell connected my service and I was initially billed for this, though they did refund me. Their billing was also wrong much of the time. There was a discrepancy between what you saw on screen and the PDF bill. They also rounded up my bills for some time. Okay so it was only a penny, but why would a corporate do that. I did forgive them, but I must ask TrustPilot why they took down the 3 star review I previously posted?
I also have gas and electric with them. I will terminate that account with them as soon as I can, but am now concerned there are Cease Charges for that too.
Awful company, backed by one of the biggest and richest corporates in the world.
The only positive thing I can say is that their customer service agents are pleasant as mentioned by another post, but not all of them seem very knowledgeable.

£12 to stop trading with a supplier even though out of contract.

I had Shell Broadband for a couple of years and moved to a new provider a couple of months ago some time after the contract had expired. They wrote to me and said they would be charging me £12 for the privilege of leaving them. I challenged this and they backed down apologising for their “error”. They then asked me to send back the router or they would charge me for it. I sent it back via Royal Mail Tracked and it was delivered on 23rd August 2021. Today, 9th September, surprise surprise, an email saying they have not received the router and I would be charged £35 for it. I called them and they asked me to send them proof of delivery which I have sent them as a screen dump, for whatever reason this was not good enough and they then asked me for a copy of my proof of posting receipt. I have little faith that this is the end of the matter. Outfits that try to slide in additional charges that you are not aware off (and are not done by any other company I have dealt) with are to be avoided, which I will be doing in the future with this lot.

Sadly I have had unacceptable…

Sadly I have had unacceptable experience with Shell Energy since I signed up with them in May, to the extent I have now ceased to use them as my provider and come out of my contract early. From my previous readings I agreed a new contract with Shell to be shocked to receive a bill the first month for three times the amount suggested. Calling customer services, I was put back into the call tree without being told, so had to wait again and eventually I spoke with a third person who said it was sorted. This debacle happened with the further two bills. As you can imagine, I believed nothing any of the agents said in the end, however plausible they sounded. On the last occasion Diane took ownership of my issues and has gone above and beyond the call of duty, keeping me informed of the progress of her investigation and giving me my options. Sadly I’m coming out of contract as I cannot bear to have this stress every month, I just want it to tick along and pay for what I use, not the whole street! Diane is patient, sympathetic and trustworthy and I hope her employer treats her better than they do the customer. Thank you Diane 11/10 for customer service. And goodbye Shell, I hope your product improves for the sake of your remaining customers!

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