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Shell Energy, probably the worst company in the world

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For the love of God, do not take your electricity from this company.

25 Sept 2021


2 months since my previous review. Since then my complaint has not been resolved. Engineers not turning up or going to a wrong address.
Every time a 30 pound compensation which is in no comparison to having to take half days off from work every time. Shell Energy is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with. For the love of God, do not take your electricity from this company.

(Edit) as a reply to Shell, I don’t want a call back, don’t bother. I want my case resolved as should have happened 1 1/2 years ago.
When I finally get to a point to have an engineer sent out and this engineer doesn’t turn up time and time again it gets beyond frustrating.

This is probably the worst company in…

This is probably the worst company in the world No one listens except one lady who went out of her way (Sandra) an advisor thanks again 5 stars to Sandra 1 star for shell energy

Avoid the corruption

Terrible company ethics and service.

6 months ago,we tried moving to another…

6 months ago,we tried moving to another provider,I was going to apply for a morgage so I thought I’d get as much accounts removed of my credit file as I could,so i decided to get a better deal and put the new account in my partners name.I paid the final bill in June 21,they would not let us switch as they lost our payment, in the meantime they put adverse credit on my Experian,I showed them the evidence and after a month they removed it,gave me a final bill of £67 which I paid and thought it would be the last,since last month the collection company MIL Collections has been chasing me for the £67 for which I provided evidence again form my online banking,I have been waiting for them to clear the last bill and close my account on my Experian, today I have checked and now I owe them £107 and I’m 2 months late, which has dragged my score down by 200 points,this company is the worst I have ever seen,they put on adverse credit on your file for fun and them make you chase them for months,absolutely stressed me on this Saturday morning when I should be relaxing with my kids having a good time,got put through to Andy in customer services tried to explain what’s happened,he kept taking me in circles only to tell me after 30 minutes that he is working from home and that he cannot access all my information (tickets he referred them to), apsolute joke of a company

Large bill if switching to renewable heating

I have been a Shell Energy (formerly First Utility) customer for 7 years. Recently I have swapped the old gas boiler to an air source heat pump and no longer require a gas supply. I contacted them to arrange for the gas meter to be removed and they have provided an appointment to do so. They also said the local gas network operator would have to visit to cap the supply. I asked about standing charges for gas (around 30p per day) and was told that they would still apply until the gas supply completely disconnected from the street side. The average amount for this in my area is around £800. I have contacted other energy firms who confirmed that they do not apply standing charges in similar circumstances. I have emailed Shell Energy for confirmation and am awaiting their reply.

Response to the below reply:

Response to the below reply:

Thanks Sara or colleague, the call back you referred to still has not happened (after 6 days), please can you ensure it happens Friday 24th September between 1700 & 1800hrs, much appreciated.

Reply from Shell Energy for Home Customers

8 hours ago

“Good afternoon, John. Thank you for letting us know about your callback and final bill! We always strive to offer exceptional service so I’m disappointed this hasn’t been your experience.

I’ve located your complaint and I’m happy to confirm I’ve now asked a Team Manager to contact you as soon as possible to resolve this with you. – Sara’

An update after my last review.

An update after my last review. I’m still waiting for a call back from manager/ complaints, five days including the weekend, despite several commitments to call me via fb messenger  Someone did call on Monday outside of the agreed window and left a voice message saying she would try again tomorrow, but never did

Today, the final bill arrived in the post 3 months after we first asked for it
We had already received a letter informing us that the debt has been passed to a collection company
And reminder emails asking us to settle the account, even after the account collection has been stopped, I find this
I quite hard without a final bill

So after checking the final bill that arrived today, it’s based on some creative meter readings, not the correct ones we have supplied and have photographs, not yet fully calculated but the final bill should be next to nothing
I’ve supplied the readings again
Is it just me, or am I doing their job for them?

I’m soooo glad I stopped the direct debit when I requested the final bill, SHELL ENERGY would have owed a large amount by now.

This company deals with gas for goodness sake, I wouldn’t trust them to run a tap.

Please SHELL ENERGY, you do not need to reply to this review, I would much rather you spend you time responding to me via our open channel. This review is for the benefit of other customers who may make an informed choice.

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