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Shell Energy Broadband ‘Next to useless’

18 APRIL 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

This would be minus 10 if could be

This would be minus 10 if could be
Customer service crap
Communication abysmal
Speed of replying snailpace.
We were swapped to this company after ours went bump.
No notification.
Avoid this company.
Also same experience with Shell broadband.
Offered us goodwill gestures on both accounts of £25.
As admitted they were in wrong
Also £75 goodwill gesture to account.
All cancelled when I said I was reporting them to ombudsman!!! Petty. And childish.
I have reported them.
So go with them at your own peril.

Broadband has stopped working a week

Broadband has stopped working a week ago. Waited 45 minutes for customer service and no answer. Their recorded message said there was a fault but no active communication to customers on when it will be resolved. I expected better and will be moving to a new provider.

Next to useless

Next to useless. Since September 2021 Shell and I have exchanged nearly 40 emails. I have had 3 or 4 45 minute calls with customer service and as a last resort I am writing here. Shell thinks I have a supply with them (via Green). I do not. It is another customer. Over the past months I have sent several photos showing my meter where the mrpn number does not match theirs. But they still send payment demands. Every 2 days I get a text saying I owe several hundred pounds. I don’t because, Shell, you are NOT my supplier. GO AWAY

Shell Energy Class Act NOT!

Shell Energy Class Act! We swapped to a smart meter recently and their technology doesn’t work. No time scale for a repair, no explanation as to why and may have to send out an engineer to inconvenience us further.

As soon as we can switch Shell will be gone!

Total garbage.

big problem with shell energy

big problem with shell energy power web site phone just keeps ringing , emails not answered, and chat seems to have been turned up, still no idea what i will be paying by direct debit as have not been contacted since the big increase and the part of the site that shows this has not worked for two weeks

Still no accurate bill 7 months after transfer

Well my optimism with shell energy hasn’t lasted long. Sorry guys this just is not good enough. I still have not received my credit to my bill after incorrectly being billed for a removed gas meter

This billing has added a debt to my account of £502.30 including vat so my latest bill claims I’m £605.08 in debt which is affecting my credit rating

For some reason I was given a credit on my latest bill of £107.44 but then rebilled for gas used from 31st January until march 12th after I’d already been billed for it so in effect no actual credit given . Bill should have been from march 12th to April 12th as my electricity bill is

This really is shambolic. I know my figures are correct . No one at shell is taking ownership of a problem they admit exists

If I could transfer away I would . NOT GOOD ENOUGH

Conned by incentive never paid out.

After several months the incentive they offered to sign up was never received. Their web site directed me to online chat which I did. Left hanging for so long I gave up. Almost immediately I received their e-Mail to let me know there was no contact via their chat line! So I e-Mailed to find out why no payment made and I have been ignored. Nothing short of fraud in my opinion.

Absolutely dreadful company!

Was transferred to Shell when Green went out of business – 6 months later I still have no bill, no access to an online account ( have set one up but just says oops failed to load when trying to access any info), they havent collected any of my direct debit payments and I have no idea what my monthly payments are expected to be. My old account with Green was in credit and this has not been transferred and they have no idea when this will happen.I have phoned many times and just have the same repetitive conversations going through everything for the millionth time and getting the same answer that I will have a bill in the next 10 days and my direct debit will be taken “next month”. Which never happens. I am told each time to clear the cache on my pc then I will be able to see the info in my account – which is not the problem in the first place and so doesnt work. Each time I ring the advisor has to leave me on hold while they go to check then come back and tell me the same thing – and they leave you on hold a LONG time so dont make the mistake of hanging up! I am at my wits end and dont know where to go with this now – terrified I will be hit with a gigantic bill at some point! Oh and every time I ring I give a meter reading then the next time I ring they say they have never had! To top it all on one of their email responses they say I need to make a payment as the bill is accumulating but they are the ones not collecting it! If you have a choice do not touch this company with a barge pole – unfortunately I didnt have a choice but if it ever gets sorted I will be leaving immediately!!

No support here

I had a “smart” meter fitted March 2021 and over a year later, it still does not work. As soon as the meter was installed, my usage dramatically increased without any changes to my lifestyle.
The unit stays in some sort of default mode and never updates anything for usage. I tried the supposed customer service team who asked various questions about the display unit and asked I attempt some fixes which I’ve carried out but to no avail. Their final response was simply

“The reason your in home display unit is not working is due to firmware on the smart meter.
This firmware is very technical and means the smart meters have a lot of information to process and this can sometimes affect the in home display unit from fully communicating, that being said the meters are fully functioning for billing purposes so this is only affecting the in home display
Once we have a fix in place, we will update you accordingly”

So in their own words, the fact they can bill me means everything is fine, not that I should be surprised that their only concern is getting money out of me. Wasn’t the main reason for smart meters supposed to be to help people manage their usage and reduce carbon footprint

I’ve written to Shell

I’ve written to Shell, to whom we’ve been transferred, to question out energy bill going from £500 (bad enough!) to £800 / direct debit. The reason I have queried it was they stated we’d no need to provide readings as we have a smart meter – we don’t…. How on earth can I trust their estimates when they don’t even know we don’t have a smart meter. No answer yet, d/d still set at £800 for a 4 bed well insulated house…. Not acceptable


I decided to look for a better broadband deal as I was paying a lot for TalkTalk for a mediocre service.
Martin Lewis’ website recommended Shell Energy, so I joined having been informed the process would run so smoothly I wouldn’t notice. I’ve now been without broadband for 2 weeks, had to pay a fortune in mobile data as I need Internet for work. Customer services is completely useless, no one returns calls or emails, no apologies. I’ve now got to try and get a refund. Unnecessary stress and costs!! Absolute joke, tried to bill me for the same period twice after I had to chase them for a bill as I hadn’t had one in a few months, finally got through on the phones and putting it nicely, the person I spoke to called Anna needs firing. Never have I had to deal with someone so rude. Refused to put me through to anyone else after I requested due to her not listening to the issue, shouting over me, telling me im wrong, even though I had the bills in front of me and was literally reading out what it said on the bills, where both bills have billed me from the same start period when the bills I recived were 3 months apart after I had to chase them for a bill. According to their calculations, I’ve use £1100 worth of gas in a 5 month period but in apparently in the 3 months since my last bill ive only used 50 units and the standing charge for the 3 month period was only £40 as they have tried to bill me twice from the same date. So disappointed with the inability to just listen to my query instead of straight jumping in telling me how im wrong when I have the bills in front of me, won’t ever use them again

So I’m currently with shell energy…

So I’m currently with shell energy after been transferred by post office iv tried to get through several times to speak to an adviser but due to my limited time iv not yet been successful every time i have phoned iv been waiting over 1hr to get though to someone this is not acceptable

Absolute garbage.

Absolute garbage.
Switch over to these after Green went bust. Took an age for account to be actually setup properly. Bills were almost double what we paid with Green (this is pre price hike).
Since late on 31st of March, just before the rip off price increases……i am unable to log in to app to view energy usage on smart meters and when I try to log in on website, its got me down as new customer (so account has limited access).
Very dodgy!!!

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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