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27 APRIL 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Absolutely terrible customer service

Absolutely terrible customer service. When you ring every agent tells a different story they promise to call back and don’t . Very frustrating just can’t get passed young uninformed agents and they won’t pass on to a superior just can’t get answers !!

AVOID this supplier at all costs

Shell Energy caused me untold problems when I moved out of my flat. Instead of closing the account after I’d paid in full, they kept the account open, continued to charge me AND the new tenant so essentially running two accounts on one property. Given I wasn’t living in the property and having passed on all the details of the new tenant, Shell kept texting me to tell me to make a payment, eventually threatening me with creditors, despite not living in the flat, and having paid in full on my departure. This situation was incredibly stressful, and it transpired that the new tenant was ALSO being charged. In the end she had to pay two bills, one of £333 for the bill in my name, despite me having left months ago plus her ongoing direct debit. That bill was eventually refunded but it took months to get it resolved and in the mean time Shell was charging two customers for one energy supply which is terrible. Therefore my advice is AVOID SHELL ENERGY AT ALL COSTS.

Pretty awful so far

Pretty awful so far, moved over from Pure Planet when it ceased trading, received credit back from them of just over £100 because we were fully up to date and had actually overpayed, 1st bill from Shell a month later is over £800 !, been back and forth with Shell asking them to atleast give me an explanation of where the £800 bill came from but don’t seem to be getting one, my electricity is on a smart meter but my gas isn’t and I have provided readings every month for those plus took photo’s of our meter readings when moved over to Shell, been almost a month since I have had a response from customer services so starting to feel ignored, possibly because they cannot show me how I managed to rack up £800 in a month ???


Awful. I was never even a user and an account was opened as an administrative error leading to me receiving bills for a 6 month period and letters from bailiffs, and every time I tried to shut the account I would spend up to an hour on the phone to be told it had been closed and then I would continue to receive the letters.

Awful customer service

A bunch of incompetent people never…

A bunch of incompetent people never answer the phone to customers. I tried to phone them again yesterday and nothing, so I had to give up again,this is ongoing for about 16 weeks again they email me yesterday to contact them on 03300945810 did they answer the phone to me NO,a bunch of fools,Train a couple of chimpanzees they would do a better job,just a bunch of stupid morons, I wouldn’t give them one star

The WORST customer service ever

We were transferred to Shell in October 2021 after Green collapsed. We had already begun a transfer to Octopus energy but our account was transferred anyway. Octopus sorted everything whilst Shell were obtuse, difficult and unhelpful. They have requested a transfer back from Octopus and refused to acknowledge it was an erroneous transfer for months. They have still yet to issue the cheque for our account balance in credit. I’ve never experienced such poor customer service. Avoid at all costs!!

Assistant share private details

During the chat assistant shared private details from other customer (all private details including email, phone number, account number etc). VERY dangerous. I can clearly confirm our details are not safe!

harassment and inefficient

Shell keeps sending request for payment but we don’t have an account with Shell.

I give up with this company getting tired with them now

I give up with this company! Why won’t you answer these messages? I’ve tried calling but no-one answers the phone! You are very quick at sending demanding emails, tell us to call immediately but we are just ignored when we do. 90%of the country are on low incomes including pensions. Bailiffs won’t help if you’ve nothing to sell, been there done that.
All we want is some help. Step Change can help but it takes time, as they’ve been inundated with calls regarding debt problems. You need to have some patience with us, the customer.

Worst service I have every experienced

Worst service I have every experienced, I was moved to them in October when my supplier went bust by Ofgem.

I was in credit with my previous supplier and was paying £66 a month then prices went up and I was told I had to pay £99 to cover the winter months by my previous supplier pure planet.

They then went bust and I was forced to go with shell who’s genuine reviews say it all, they did not tell me at any point my payments would need to go up as shell charge more than twice as much as my previous supplier, so 5 months later shell energy send me a bill for £847 and say they have taken the credit I was in off this and I am now £600 in debt to them and my payments have to go up to cover this and the charges they charge to £380!! A month!! What the hell is going on and how is this even legal? I have complained and they do not care and say that’s what they charge even though I was never told!, they tried to say my previous supplier should have told me but clearly they would not have known what shell were going to charge me even if I was able to get in contact with them!

Shell say I should have known prices have gone up because of the news! And I should have increased mine? So I should have guessed that shell would charge me more than twice as much even though my previous supplier had told me £99 and the credit £242 I was in would cover me over winter.

I have refused the £50 goodwill gesture shell have offered for “ their shortfall in service” and I have asked for a deadlock letter so I can go to the ombudsman for help as I cannot take this stress anymore.

I have filled in the online form to the ombudsman and supplied all the evidence and within hours I have had a email from the ombudsman that says “ The company has contacted us to query the acceptance of your complaint”

I have been told because I refused the £50 offer and I am not happy I have to go to the ombudsman who shell said won’t help me anyway and I should accept shells offer of good will, this is just crazy and I hope I actually get somewhere and if you have been moved to shell like me look at your account, my statement from shell does not show any payments that I was continuing to make by direct debit to them during my switch and instead only shows how much I am now in debt and it is not clear how they worked this out other than there is a price cap rise and they have taken advantage of me being forced to go with them and charged what they want.

If pure planet had not gone bust I would not be in this position

Penalises good customers

Generally the service has been ok. I mean I pay for gas and electric and they supply it. When I was moving home I was already in credit. I was due to pay another direct debit two weeks after moving out. So instead of paying another £71 into credit on my account, I decided to cancel my direct debit. After all who knows when I would even get that money back. I prefer not to pay into credit of a big company, but instead keep my own money, rather than being at the mecry of refunds department. Then I can just pay the outstanding balance by card when the final bill arrives. So far, so good.

This morning I get an email saying that I will be penalised for cancelling my direct debit. What?! I am not avoiding to paying for services I did/will use. Rather I am trying not to lend money to the Shell Energy company. So I started a chat with an adviser. He informed me that there is nothing he can do, that is just the policy. Well the policy is bad. I am not trying to avoid paying for your services, so why do you penalise me for my good custom?! Really bad customer service… He advised me that if I had left the direct debit running, they would not charge me more than the outstanding balance. Sounds lovely, but that is not what my account page says! It said that I will be charged full £71 by direct debit, two weeks after I move out of that place. Looks like it’s their fault for communicating that information so badly. I should not be financially penalised for their mistake.

They don’t care

Was with first utility then Shell took over, installed a smart meter and the IHD hasn’t worked since, quite a few years now. Always the same story “we’re working on a fix”. Why can’t you just come round and fix it, especially now more than ever when we need to keep an eye on prices?

Non existing CS Update#2

“Reply from Shell Energy for Home Customers

10 minutes ago
Hi Dawid, we are sorry to read about your experience and the issues you have had contacting us. If you still require assistance then we’d be more than happy to arrange a call back. Alternatively, you can send us a Tweet or Facebook Message where we respond within 1 hour. We’re online from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays. – Pooja”

Okay, I did write review before regarding non existing CS in sHell… I have update for you. After begging them to call me back they did and I did manage to “move a house”. However, I have then received a bill of 285£ for “early leave”. I want to mention that I was Postoffice Broadband customer and had deal with them (I was transferred to sHell not long ago). So, I called CS again… After 25 mins wait CS member answered the call and said I have to wait another 20-25 mins for customer service… So how many layers of non existing CS are there? I did ask for manager/supervisor as I wanted to make an official complain. Lady on the phone said there’s no manager/supervisor (typical)… Anyway calling CS is one big failure. I did contact them through contact form on their website (they will reply in 48hrs). You think they would reply? Of course not (HERE’S ENQUIRE NUMBER 12547562 SO YOU LAZY ASSES CAN FIND IT QUICKER).

Pooja, why do you ask me to tweett you (I don’t use this crap) or message you on messenger when you do not care to reply to e-mails/contact forms? Find my e-mail first and reply to it and if you want to contact me YOU GOT MY NUMBER. I am opening case with Ombudsman because I am done dealing with you…

No bills from Shell

We were moved to Shell after Green Energy went bust. We eventually received two bills taking us up to February 2022. Nothing since then. I have tried complaining via email and received a reply addressed to Mr Smith. That is not my name! The reply also rambled on about a problem with newly installed meters. Our meter is not newly installed and they have said that they are receiving readings from it! What is going on at Shell? How are people supposed to budget in these times of rising energy bills if they can’t get a bill? All these large energy companies seem to be completely out of touch. I also note that Shell do not seem to be replying to the comments on here.

No idea how much energy I’m currently…

No idea how much energy I’m currently using.
I was moved to Shell energy after sadly Pure Planet ceased trading. This was last August and so far I’ve had two bills! I use the shell energy app but it’s impossible to know how much energy I am using with such infrequent bills. I’ve just looked at the app which states I’m, ‘currently in billing period 6 March to 5 April’ today is 25 April?
At a time when we are all concerned about the cost of energy prices it seems more important than ever for energy providers to keep us up to date with usage?
I guess I can switch to another provider?

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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