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Anyone reading this AVOID Shell broadband

“Snail’s pace download speed of Shell Broadband”

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Reviewer Dave: Location Staffordshire: Date 2022-06-13


Have a line fault Shell aranged for Openreach to contact me when they are coming, waited three days but no call from anyone. Have tried to phone Shell six times. waited at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes not answered. fed up with this so called caring company, off back to another provider

Reviewer Shahin Hussain: Location Rochester: Date 2022-06-13


I left shell energy broadband on the 5th April and switched to another provider. On the 12th April I got charged for my monthly broadband fee of £18. I rang on the 19th April and was told to wait for a final summary. I rang on the 11th May and explained I have not received anything. I was told I had to request a refund. I rang on the 18th May and was told there is a process to refund. I had to wait 10 working days for a refund. It has now been 10 days on the 1st June. First handler told me the refund was only approved yesterday on the 31st May. I would have to wait 10 working days. I told him this is unfair and not acceptable. I asked to speak to a line manager and wished to complain. He told me I could not and that he could not put me in touch with a senior manager. I feel like this has not been handled very well at all by your customer service team. It has caused me a great deal of stress and no faith in the company. Avoid this company at all costs

Reviewer Dissatisfied Customer: Location RICHMOND: Date 2022-06-13


One of the unfortunate people ‘sold’ by MyPostOffice to Shell Energy. Seamless changeover promised wasn’t, was without service for 2 weekends. Emails keep getting ‘Delayed Mail’ message. Have left several email complaints, only one responded to, to sign me up for a new [allegedly cheaper] 18-month contract, but bill came for old rate. No response when I asked for corrected bill. So very disappointed that MyPostOffice have landed us all in this.

Reviewer Antoinette Kelly: Location Rochdale: Date 2022-06-11


I have only been with Shell for a month. I went the first week with no service at all. After many stressful calls on hold and emails the engineer came out and it hadn’t been switched on by Shell. I thought it would be fine then but drops off constantly all day and night. Using all my mobile data to compensate. They tried to charge me for the week with no service so had to spend time sorting that! I said after the first week of no service i wanted to cancel my contract but was told my cooling off period finished before Shell was active? and I would have to pay over £300 to cancel. Shouldn’t the cooling off period be when the service is on so you know if you’re happy with it?
Anyway If you haven’t joined Shell I would not recommend it. In my opinion this company needs investigating. From the reviews I have read there seems to be an awful lot of unhappy customers. I certainly won’t be staying but it’s going to be a long 18mths before I’m out of contract.

Reviewer Carol Cameron: Location Thorpeness: Date 2022-06-11


Absolutely hopeless! Since Shell took over from Post Office I have not received a bill,Direct Debit set up with Post Office not been honoured,no success at finding out amount owed!I just want to pay!!!!

Reviewer Sophia Rumble: Location London: Date 2022-06-11


Shell has not been taking out their payment on time and waited for two months before doing so. I have called Shell on many occasions, and still no improvement. The service is awful and I WILL NOT be renewing my contract. I had no such problems with the POST OFFICE. It takes over an hour before calls are answered. Anyone reading this AVOID Shell broadband.

Reviewer Carol: Location Reading: Date 2022-06-08


This provide is rubbish. Avoid. The service doesn’t work. I cannot hold a video call. They deny any issue. The service is appalling. They don’t event allow cancellation due to rubbish speed.

Reviewer P Rodgers: Location Newcastle: Date 2022-06-08


Absolutely terrible customer service. I found it impossible to notify them that i was moving home. Tried email (no reply) and long waits on phone(only to be cut off after a long wait). The only response i got from them was when i cancelled my direct debit. Now they want their router back which fair enough, is in their t & c’s. But i have never been asked to return a router yet and i change ups every 2 years or so.
I honestly can’t believe they are still in business with their attitude towards customers. By the way – this is the first time i’ve bothered reviewing a company in 30 years of having the internet (I started on the old dial up systems) since i normally take problems on the chin.

Reviewer Dean Rigby: Location Widnes: Date 2022-06-07


Hi after been on the phone for over an hour to cancel this broad band as it’s off more than it’s on any body thinking of taking this broad band on wouldn’t bother it’s slow doesn’t work and charged me 102 pound to cancel and next mouth bill plz read reviews because this is worst broad band ever day light robbery and wouldn’t recommend these to any body

Reviewer John Lane: Location Brentwood: Date 2022-06-07


Into the 3rd hour of phone call spoken to. 6 people with no authority to cancel a non service since feb22.Numerous calls, visits and broken promises. Trying to terminate service. They are want to charge me £71 early termination charge for the non supply of service. Never again

Reviewer Arthur Meadows: Location Lowestoft: Date 2022-06-07


This box isn’t big enough!! Awful customer care, billing extortionate,phone contact act abysmal, have they all died!! Left 2 months without incoming calls(crossed line) broadband intermittent to say the least. Son was ex Royal Mail customer, thankfully have bailed out!!! DO NOT TOUCH THESE. Arthur Meadows.

Reviewer Emmanuel: Location Ipswich: Date 2022-06-04


It’s even worse than post office!!! Don’t spend your hard earned money on this crusty broadband company. Absolute bog I tell ya. Takes forever to load and sometimes restarts on its own. Please, for your health and safety don’t get Shell Broadband. If this is the same company that does fuel they should stick to their day job and don’t try to make wifi routers


Please save yourself. I can’t even leave. I’m stuck in this wack a** crusty weak old broadband loophole.

Reviewer Tracey: Location Bristol: Date 2022-06-04


Broadband cannot even manage to maintain a video call. Got told I could keep my number then I can’t.
Spends literally hours on hold being passed from one department to another and then back again as they don’t know what their doing. I was misquoted early termination fees so decided to bite the bullet and leave, only to be told I eoukd have to pay £270 to end the contract early.

Reviewer Caroline: Location Berkshire: Date 2022-06-03


Broadband is totally unreliable. Constantly dropping of video calls. People cannot hear me. Unable to download. They deny there is an issue and keep fobbing us off. This service is useless. You are left waiting on hold forever and no one wants to help. Avoid this supplier.

Reviewer M: Location Wirral: Date 2022-06-01


Absolutely useless company I have broadband gas and electric with them.. I wish I had read the reviews before starting a contract with them.they keep suspending my service even though my account is in credit.i have wasted hours trying to speak to customer service. AVOID AVOID AVOID

Reviewer C: Location Reading: Date 2022-06-01


Terrible company. They took over the post office as I left. Due to this an automatic account was set up, I have cancelled this account however they have taken money out of my account with our authorisation and every time I call I wait an hour to speak with someone for them to tell me I will get a refund only for it to be bounced back each time. Terrible customer service. Still waiting for my refund.

Reviewer Amber: Location Surrey: Date 2022-06-01


This review is regarding my dad’s broadband with Shell which was migrated over from the Post Office. He s elderly (90 years) and hard of hearing. He asked me to call Shell to query a charge of £10 which was listed as alternative method of payment (despite £38 taken by DD for the broadband package). I called them one day and was fortunate to get through after 20 minutes but was refused any dealings as it was not my account. So I had to visit my dad and called them whilst there BUT nobody answered the phone (45 minutes). What a waste of everybody’s time. They kept playing same monotonous message of how busy they were. Yet earlier that day, I was HOUNDED by 5 phone calls from them (as I am myself with Shell energy) wanting me to install a smart metre. They clearly had the sales force on the prowl but not having enough bodies to deal with queries. Shame on them. Now I am in catch 22 as I cannot speak to them unless I am at my dad’s, yet when I am there the phone may not be answered.

Reviewer Aj: Location Medway: Date 2022-06-01


A company to avoid.
If you like stress, go for it.
Most Impressive unprofessional company. Rubbish service all round
It’s an oil company not a tech firm. They haven’t a clue
Leave them alone, unless you’re arms dealing and trying hard in politics.

Reviewer Jim Hogg: Location West Cornforth: Date 2022-05-30


Been with them for nine months of an eighteen month contract. Paying £32.99 a month and the fastest download speed I’ve recorded has been 4.2Mbs/sec. Much of the time it’s much lower, often in the low kbs region. And now I see they’re currently offering “fast” broadband (ave d/l speed of 11 Mbs/sec!!) for £17.99/mth on an 18 month contract. Very unimpressed with the price I’m paying and the snail’s pace download speed, and will certainly not be renewing at the end of my contract.

Reviewer Jeremy: Location Widnes Cheshire: Date 2022-05-30


Very poor customers service.
Cancelled contract 2 months ago but still receiving demands for payments on email with no explanation!
Requested clarification for the demands, received response that didn’t answer why they keep asking for money. They even threatened to charge me £35 if I didn’t return the router even though they hadn’t sent the promised postage bag.
Beware of this company – was OK when run by Post Office.
If you need to contact them you may spend a lot of your time waiting in a call queue. Very, very poor!!

Reviewer: Location Gtr Mcr: Date 2022-05-30


Shell Energy Broadband is the worst company I have ever tried to deal with. It is almost impossible to speak to the right person or get anything like a timely response. Former Post Office customers who were transferred to Shell should band together to form an action group, so that that their host of legitimate grievances can be presented in a structured manner.

PS your star ratings should have a zero or negative option!

Reviewer Carol: Location Reading: Date 2022-05-29


The service has never worked since it was installed. Shell deny there is a problem. I cannot hold a video call anymore with work. The customer service is appalling. Do not switch to this provider.

Reviewer Mary: Location GU27 1JF: Date 2022-05-28


Customer service non existant. Don’t know how to leave without paying penalty. (Don’t know how long my transfered Post Office contract has to run). Will never use shell anything again. They have made me ill with worry. They infer I am lying when I complain.
Never use Shell.

Reviewer Roy: Location Cumbria: Date 2022-05-28


Avoid Shell Energy at all costs. My problems began when my Post Office telephone account was transferred to Shell Energy. They have difficulty in posting out invoices/bills after they have been printed. For example, the latest bill sent to me was dated 22 April 2022 and it said payment was due by 09 May 2022. Very reasonable until they delayed posting the bill to me. I received it on 10 May 2022, one day after the specified payment date!
I took the bill to my local Post Office on the 10 May and used the bar code on the payment slip plus my debit card to pay whatever was required. I have a receipt from the Post Office to confirm the payment. I received a text message from Shell Energy Broadband on Friday 13 May at 16:24 threatening to suspend my phone service – this has persuaded me to change suppliers. Another threatening text arrived yesterday claiming that I owe them £6.42. I cannot wait until my new provider takes over.

Reviewer Derek: Location POOLE Date 2022-05-27


It’s difficult to sum up in words, just how incredibly badly Shell Energy take their approach to customer relations.
Basically it simply doesn’t exist.
They’re obviously not interested in developing any sort of communication between themselves and their customers .
They take money without being authorised to do so.
They conjure up lies that don’t relate to the actual facts.
And they break their promises.
And they have the cheek to hide behind the name of a world renowned company.
Obviously Shell have somehow become involved with some tin pot broadband supplier , who has no idea to what amounts to customer satisfaction .
Making this one of the most awful experiences I’ve ever had to endure, whilst trying to get back money from them, they had no right to take in the first place.

Reviewer Marie: Location Rotherham: Date 2022-05-27


My elderly mum was having trouble getting through to customer services after receiving a letter stating her bill was overdue (She has never received an itemised bill) I rang customer services myself to ask for proper bill. Funny how you can get through to them in a few minutes if you press the number to pay a bill!! ( previously mum was on the phone for hours, not able to get through) I was assured an itemised bill would be sent through the post last week, so what happened today? Another threatening letter saying if you do not pay you will be cut off. No bill again so rang today to ask for a bill again and they informed me they would send a bill out. Wouldn’t hold out too much hope.Terrible service for the elderly as no way to pay your bill( if you do actually get a proper one!)Unless over the phone or via bank.Had no trouble with the Post Office like this.Wouldn’t recommended this company , just threaten pensioners.

Reviewer Mr Sean Ryde: Location Derbyshire: Date 2022-05-27


Very disgusted with this shell
Had them down 2 days ago and still no Internet well they won’t be getting a penny off us waste a time anyone’s better by far than these muppets

Reviewer John: Location Northern Ireland: Date 2022-05-26


Complete shambles avoid like covid. Had a dreadful experience from start to finish. Had to go through the ombudsman it’s the only way to get money back. They just stop responding on resolver. A shambolic of a service. Full of idiots. Avoid

Reviewer Darren: Location Crewe: Date 2022-05-26


They do not care. No internet working from home. Horrendous. Go elsewhere. The staff clearly don’t care

Reviewer Helen: Location Crewe: Date 2022-05-26


I have no words. Shocking customer service

Reviewer Dave: Location Cambridgeshire: Date 2022-05-26


Terrible service. Tried to phone them about a router password. After 30 mins on phone I was cut off. and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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