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Total disinterest and incompetence by Shell Energy

“Seeing how many bad reviews are on here the last few days I can see why. Terrible company…”: “I have never had this type of total disinterest and incompetence before with any company.”

23 June 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Was switched to shell when previous…

Was switched to shell when previous company went bust. shell by far are the worst company I have ever delt with . 2 visits to fit a smart meter. Sending me a letter saying they have to increase my direct debit to over £400 a month way UNDER my I will not pay a ridiculous amount each month I cancelled the direct debit and simply pay each month for actual energy used not a penny more not a penny left. Shell have marked my credit file a month in arrears.but not updated it for over 3 months. Customer service is awful they simply too big to care as soon as I am able to switch I will be leaving my money be better spent elsewhere

Changed from shell energy 3years ago

Changed from shell energy 3years ago. Paid a last payment of £30 (the direct debit was alot higher so this clearly was to take the account to 0) few months ago started checking my credit file as buying a house and noticed the last 2 months a non payment has appeared from shell (hang on not even with Shell) emailed time and time again them saying they dont thave a record of me. Finally got a answer of I owed them £211 and they sent me letters stating this none of which I had, then saying a debt collection phoned me and came to my house again nothing of a such. This will obviously now stop me getting a mortgage on a house. How can 3 years later it appear on credit file knowing nothing of it. Poor poor company to deal with over the phone and email. They don’t care about anyone’s financial situation said I would be happy to pay the £211 if the credit was amended. Will be taking it further.


Keep asking for my account number I haven’t got one I haven’t been with you for 3 years! Seeing how many bad reviews are on here the last few days I can see why. Terrible company


I have been without a landline for over 12 weeks now. It worked fine for years before I was moved over to Shell. I have emailed and written to the company. All I got was a generic reply that I shouldn’t complain until 8 weeks had passed. I pay promptly every month but keep getting messages that ‘temporary restrictions’ have been ‘lifted’. Still no line though.
I have also asked for the obsolete Family and Friends charge to be removed. Again months ago. The company refuses to do it.
I have never had this type of total disinterest and incompetence before with any company.

Penny Pinchers

Continue to plagued by this awful supplier following their taking over accounts from Colorado Energy. They are billing me for energy supplied 18 months after I moved out of the property and cancelled my supply withe provider Homeshift. Ive sent evidecne that I no longer live at the property but they contginue to require more evidence. I never received anything from this company to say they had ‘taken over’ my account (which does not exist anyway!!) And all for £45!!! In a year in which they have made massive profits and are looking at being taxed massively this seems to be their solution.

TOTAL LIARS, SHELL You rang my 83 year…

TOTAL LIARS,SHELL You rang my 83 year old mum 2 weeks ago and promised her her refund back and guess what no refund. You promised her £280 refund even though you owe her £333 so were did the £53 charge come from she hasn’t been with you for months. I told you months ago that you have put her in financial hardship caused her untold stress but you don’t seem to care.She was at the Doctors last week complaining of chest pains so I hope you are satisfied with your actions. ANYONE THINKING OF JOINING THIS COMPANY LOOK AT MY PREVIOUS REVIEWS AND SEE HOW LONG THEY HAVE TREAT AN 83 YEAR OLD PENSIONER. SHELL THIS HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH YOU OWE MY MUM £333 SO PAY UP.SARA ARE YOU HAVING A LAUGH,STEPCHANGE? STEPCHANGE? ITS YOUR COMPANY THAT’S CAUSED IT.WHAT ABOUT ILL HEALTH THAT YOU’VE CAUSED.HAVE A LOOK AT MY PREVIOUS REVIEWS YOU PROMISED TO SORT THIS OUT ON 11TH APRIL AND THEN FIRST OF JUNE.AS FOR THE ACCOUNT NUMBER IVE SUPPLIED IT ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS AND YOU ARE STILL MESSING MY 83 YEAR OLD MOTHER ABOUT.PAY UP

Left shell dec 2021

Left shell dec 2021, took months for them to close my account , continued to take direct debit every month. They owe me £180 , I was told last month I would get a cheque in the post , still waiting, it’s a joke!!! We are all struggling with energy bills, yet these billion pound companies keeping money they owe from people .. awful !!

Really bad customer service

My original 100% green energy company went bust in September 2021, so I was transferred to this climate destroying company masquerading as green energy supplier and I lost my fixed tarrif only after a few months after securing it. The whole transition to Shell was painfully slow, they took 3 months for them to actually start the billing process and I had over £200 of credit on my old account and still paying £30/month on direct debit, as soon as they started billing the tariff was double what I was paying on my old supplier in addition my credit was wiped out and turned into a big debt and they are trying to increase my direct debit by 2x. In addition all their billing is online but they didn’t even give me access to login.

It was only in June 2022 when I was able to login to my account for the first time (9 months after Shell took over), and to add insult to injury they suddenly increased my direct debit 4x compared to what I was paying in May – I had no idea until they took the money out of my account as I couldn’t log in as they didn’t set it up. The cause of the massive increase was an incorrect reading, they said it was my fault but I’m pretty sure they typed it in wrong into their system. I remember their phone lines were impossible to get through just before the price cap was going up in April they said to “raise a case” on their website to submit a meter reading, which is what I did. But there was no copy of the original message I wrote, the only message I got back was saying the case is closed and they updated the readings but they didn’t confirm what they updated it to. At that time they still did not give me access to log into the online account.

The few times where I had to ring customer services the experience has been mediocre at best, but the last time I rang them it was very poor. When I rang the customer service woman said she couldn’t hear me – so I had to end up shouting into my phone, I could hear her fine but they seem to be having a party in her office with lots of party noise in the background with some intermittent singing, but she tried to put blame on me like it was a problem with my phone or was talking loud enough; really unprofessional customer services – at least ask the people in her own office to shut up! Then when she kept saying they can’t hear I pointed out the issue is at her end as there is some sort of party going on there, instead of owning up she lied about it said “it’s a typical busy call centre”, I never heard other call centres sound like a busy karaoke bar before. When I was asking about what their fixed tariff rates were she said she can’t give me that info, and it will be £299+ direct debit per month – I said I would like clarification on what the actual Day & Night tariffs are and how it will work, but she were reluctant to give me any info instead saying the variable tariff is the cheapest, but that is not what I asked, I would like to know about the fixed tariff too as supposedly they only have 2 tariffs – 1 variable & 1 fixed.

When I raised issues about the last bill I received as the rates were confusing and seemed different to what she told me over the phone, she seemed uninterested and provided me with no help and wanted to end the call as soon as possible. Even when I asked her if she could raise it as an issue, she said she would email some other team after the call, but to date I have received no confirmation that anything was done, I think the call centre person just made it up as she wanted to get off the phone and go back to her party.

Also I don’t understand why I have to pay a massive premium for renewable energy. I have always had 100% renewable tariff for many years, and even back then I was paying high premium for my electricity when oil prices were low, now I’m paying even more for renewables than others are paying for fossil fuel derived electricity, yet the infrastructure for wind & hydro has already been setup and shouldn’t be subject to oil & gas price – i.e. why do I have to subsidize oil & gas when I have always been paying extra for nearly 20 years because oil & gas companies never subsidized renewable energy for me?

Update to Reply from Shell:
There is no place for me to enter the Account Number when I edit this review. And I don’t use Facebook or Twitter. So how am I meant to contact you, if I try and call I will left on hold for a hour then transferred to some dodgy call centre were they seem to have parties in the office and not interested in helping customers??

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. Shell Plc CEO Ben Van Beurden openly admitted at the Shell AGM held in London on 23 May 2022 that all is not well at Shell Energy. 

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