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Shell’s CEO Joins PM’s Business Council to “Drive Prosperity” with More Pollution

By including Shell in the Business Council, the UK Prime Minister sends a message that big polluters can have a seat at the table, regardless of their track record.

Posted by JOHN DONOVAN July 19, 2023

Shell CEO Wael Sawan joins the Prime Minister’s Business Council, where he promises to deliver “secure, affordable, and cleaner energy.”

With Shell’s notorious track record of pollution and environmental devastation, it’s clear that Sawan’s commitment to cleaner energy is nothing more than empty words.

He claims that Shell will help drive prosperity and growth in the UK through the provision of “secure, affordable, and cleaner energy.” But let’s not be fooled by Sawan’s lofty promises. This move is simply a desperate attempt by Shell to improve its tarnished image while continuing to prioritize its profits over the well-being of the planet.

Shell, the notorious polluter and destroyer of ecosystems, is known for its ruthless pursuit of oil and gas at the expense of the environment. With a track record that includes oil spills, carbon emissions, and ecological disasters, it’s hard to believe that Sawan’s involvement in the Business Council will lead to any meaningful change.

While Sawan speaks of collaboration between government and business to unlock the growth potential of the UK, environmentalists and concerned citizens are left wondering how Shell’s presence will contribute to a sustainable future. Can we really trust a company responsible for massive environmental damage to suddenly become a champion of cleaner energy?

Sawan’s statement about delivering cleaner energy is particularly laughable considering Shell’s continued investments in fossil fuels. Shell’s operations contribute to the very climate crisis that we desperately need to address. It’s clear that Sawan’s priority lies in securing profits, not in taking genuine action to combat climate change and protect the environment.

By including Shell in the Business Council, the Prime Minister sends a message that big polluters can have a seat at the table, regardless of their track record. This decision undermines the government’s credibility on environmental issues and raises doubts about its commitment to a sustainable future.

While Sawan may talk about driving prosperity, it’s important to remember that Shell’s version of prosperity comes at a high cost. The communities affected by Shell’s operations, the ecosystems destroyed, and the planet suffering from the consequences of climate change pay the true price for Shell’s greed.

In conclusion, Shell’s CEO joining the Prime Minister’s Business Council is nothing more than a shallow attempt to improve the company’s image while continuing to prioritize profits over the environment. Sawan’s promises of cleaner energy ring hollow in the face of Shell’s long history of pollution and disregard for the planet. It’s time to hold Shell accountable for its actions and demand genuine commitment to a sustainable future.

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