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Octopus Energy Mulls Over Rescuing Shell’s Energy Orphans: 

Posted by John Donovan 25 August 2023

Ah, fear not! Octopus Energy is gallantly considering adopting Shell’s forsaken household energy customers. Because, let’s face it, Shell’s been a bit preoccupied digging up the Earth and contributing to climate change to be bothered with something as mundane as “sustainable energy.”

The word on the street is that Octopus Energy is in “advanced discussions” to absorb Shell Energy’s sprawling family of 1.4 million residential energy users. Well, someone has to look after them now that Shell decided to sell off its UK energy retail business earlier this year. I mean, come on, fossil fuel drilling isn’t going to fund itself!

Octopus Energy is the “prime contender” for this “strategic” acquisition. Gosh, acquiring customers from a company renowned for its eco-consciousness (insert eye-roll here) like Shell? That should be considered a badge of honour!

But, wait! Before you pop the champagne, this deal isn’t set in stone. It’s almost like even Octopus Energy has to think twice about inheriting customers from the always “responsible” Shell Energy.

Given the terrible reviews about Shell Energy, it is no wonder that Shell decided to ditch the business.

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