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Shell’s Latest PR Stunt: Trying To Convince Us They Care!

Posted by John Donovan:

9 October 2023

Oh, look who’s back in the news! It’s our favorite planet-loving company, Shell! The same Shell, best known for its endless love for the environment, has graced us with yet another PR move. Because, you know, a giant oil conglomerate searching for a new PR agency partner is definitely the solution to climate change. They want to find someone who can offer all the bells and whistles—corporate comms, public affairs, influencer management—you name it. Maybe they should also add “genuine care for the environment” to that list, but hey, who are we to suggest?

So, where’s this new agency going to operate? The U.S., U.K., Netherlands, China, and Canada. Truly a global effort to spread the word of how much Shell “loves” the planet. Budget details are, of course, a mystery. Because why would Shell ever disclose anything that might put them in a bad light?

In a shocking turn of events, Shell won’t comment on its current or potential contracts. Curtis Smith, our hero from Shell, shared the groundbreaking revelation that they review their contracts “to ensure alignment with business strategy.” Earth-shattering, isn’t it?

Now, let’s not forget the golden moment when Havas Media, in its infinite wisdom, partnered with Shell. Naturally, environmentalists around the world threw a party to celebrate. Ah, the sheer audacity of it all!

Well, that’s all for today, folks! Stay tuned to see how Shell’s heartwarming saga of saving the planet (or at least its reputation) unfolds.

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