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Avoid Shell Energy like the plague, they are taking advantage of people in lockdown

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 7 May 2020.

Avoid like the plague, they are taking advantage of people in lockdown

I was with the previous company before Shell took them over and had no problems with them, as soon as shell took over its been nothing but problems, for no reason my bill went from £ 75 to £92 and then 3 months later £102, i asked them to change my tariff to a cheaper one (£85) which all went through and i received confrontation. I checked the small print and there was 0 charge for changing tarriffs.
I got my bill today, not only has my bill stayed at £102 but theyve also charged me £100 for unknown “other charges and tarriff” upon looking at my bill the price p/kwh had DOUBLED in one month this has put me over £220 in arrears. And they do not want to help and say its what i owe so it must be paid even though they themselves dont know what the extra £100 charges are. It seems they are taking advantage of people being in lockdown and hiking there prices up
I have made a formal complaint to ofgem

Avoid broadband at all costs

Do not take broadband out with this company. Have a look online at the many reviews from customers like me. For whatever reason, Shell is not able to provide even the minimum speeds/service it claims in its marketing material or its own terms and conditions. The staff are generally quite helpful and credit to them given they are trying to service a product they know doesn’t work.

To add insult to injury, Shell will charge you £100 to leave, despite the fact you have 1) Been with them less than a month 2) they haven’t been able to provide a service in that time. Amazingly, the Cooling off period has ended before your service goes live so customers are then trapped by the extortionate cancellation fee. This is not a one off case, read the reviews and see for yourself.

Sound like a scam? It is. Only a massive company could get away with this, appalling.

i have tried to contact this bunch of…

i have tried to contact this bunch of jokers today for more than an hour . the questions they ask are well over the top . I believe that they are keeping you on the phone as they are recieving some financial benefit . when I finally got through , the FOOL answering started asking the same questions again . I only want my energy usage figures to find another supplier who is not so devious and to find why they have not paid my warm home discount . their reply to my previous request was to call them . if they wont speak to me , how can I get answers ? one woman terminated my call claiming that I had been disrespectful to a colleague so no answer there . I just want to get rid of this appalling dogs dinner of a company and stop them robbing me . I REPEAT DO NOT USE SHELL ENERGY UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF

customer service minus 5

customer service minus 5 , I can not believe my experience today , been lied to , wasted 1 hour 17 mins then when queried but on hold for x time and then disconnected. And no call back to apologise for hanging up , even through I had asked if the call was disconnected please ring back as I didn’t want to waste another hour.

we I ring back I ask is it not company procedure to ring a customer back if your disconnected from them when you put them on hold ,I am told it would be a good thing to do but its not a company instruction for there staff .
My father is 85 in September living on his own living in a one bed bungalow join first utility in match 2018 , paying 60 per month for due fuel in September 2019 he get s bill saying he owes £3000 and I have been trying to sort this and been hug up on, lied to, not replied too . The service is terrible and to be lied to this is a sh-t company trying to take advantage of venerable people .


Can’t do minus stars so 1 it is !!!!

Can’t do minus stars so 1 it is !!!!!
Was with shell energy and found them fine for 7 months roughly last 4 months have been over charged IMO and they use poor excuses to explain so I’m leaving no more money for you lot you’ll have to hold up stagecoaches ??????

I switched over to Eon from Shell on…

I switched over to Eon from Shell on 19th March and have just discovered that Shell are still charging me and have been continuing to take money from my bank account. Absolutely shameful!

Have tried to contact Shell to discuss…

Have tried to contact Shell to discuss issues with two separate accounts, one of which was a concerning matter of account security. Have had one email that made no sense and a phone call that was disconnected half way through after being in a queue for a long time. They didn’t even bother to try and ring me back. Same old story!

Worse company ever! So expensive

I am a new customer. But I am now regretting switch. I can’t access my account. The agent who visited my home lied through his teeth, also wrong details on accounts. Customers services no help and broken premises and to top it off I’m paying a lot more then before and really struggle with no support from Shell!! Stay away trust me!!

They will try and screw you

They will try and screw you. Don’t do it, go for one of the smaller companies

i believe that this outfit must be…

i believe that this outfit must be paying people to write reviews for them . lets face it , that’s the yankee way . I have received a warm house discount for several years but not this year.nothing has changed at my end so it seems that someone has siphoned it off . thank you shell . I received notification from the government that I was entitled to it but it looks like someone at shell has tucked into his/her back pocket.customer service is a non starter . they will not give an honest answer . bigger liars than our politicians . I will be glad to dump them . AVOID AT ALL COSTS OR SUFFER THEIR LIES & RIP OFFS .


Hopeless. I have been trying since the beginning of the year to speak to somebody but it is impossible too. 7

Dishonest billing, very upsetting.

I pay a direct debit to shell and submit meter readings every month.
They have not increased my direct debit amount according to my usage. I am now at the end of my tariff and it is revealed I owe them £450 as my direct debit payments never covered even one months bill!

Why was a reassessment not done, when you had my meter readings??
All seems very shady and not the way to operate a business.

In my opinion they do this so customers are in debt to them and do not leave…bit like blackmail really isn’t?


(You may also want to know I switched to them last year in May from USwitch, Shell didn’t put me on the deal I had requested. They blamed uswitch, uswitch blamed them. It tool Shell 3 months to sort this and required me calling on numerous occasions with the total call length being over 13hours.)

Before you chose Shell consider whether you want to:
1. Sign up to a dishonest company who do not reflect monthly direct debit payments to actual usage
2. Doesn’t solve problems swiftly.

The undue stress of having an outstanding debt along with these unprecedented times is unacceptable. I am very upset and I don’t want anyone else to be in my current position.

Having dealt with ‘The big six’ in the past I’d recommend paying more and using a company more open and honest

My bills were increased for no good reason

Beware of my recent experience. My account has always been in credit, often a sum of £300+ and yet Shell wrote to me to say they were putting my payments up anyway, just as summer is starting and obviously energy use will drop as a result.
Clearly this was not acting in the customer interests, and when I challenged them on this, they denied that Shell wanted to have my account in more credit than it needed. Yet they also admitted that “the increase doesn’t appear to be necessary at the moment”.

I’m old enough to remember the old slogan “You can be sure of Shell”.
Not anymore – you cannot trust them to manage your payments fairly.

Getting in touch with a human being via…

Getting in touch with a human being via voice was a nightmare, waiting time off the scale. I would never have joined had I known. That’s being honest.

I am hoping that in writing this I may…

I am hoping that in writing this I may get help. Today I recieved a letter of intended recovery action from green star energy in a Shell Energy envelope. I left greenstar in August 1918. A month ago I recieved an email saying my direct debit had failed and I owed them some money. I went back over my records and have satisfied myself that this was inaccurate. All through April 2020 I have been trying to sort this by email on 28th April I recieved an email which said my concern has now been closed. I realise that letter and e mail have overlapped each other in sending. Today I rang greenstar customer service. The first call was so bad I spent 5 minutes trying to hear the lady on the other end I gave up. Second call with a much better line resulted In them having not recieved any emails from myself. I had to take a screen shot and send it to them. Since then I have heard nothing I would also mention that I had always been with Hudson energy and all my direct debits were sent to them I emailed them in desperation last week and was told that they only supply businesses and have no access to my account. Not bad after receiving all my direct debits for months .All of this is causing me a great deal of distress

Shocking customer service

Shocking customer service. Moved home and contacted them on April 6th, still not sorted and they have taken a £60 exit fee… I was not exiting as I want to use them in my new house. Have been promised callbacks on 4 separate occasions from different people, still haven’t received 1 of them.

One agent on April 16th promised me all was sorted with my house move, the exit fee would not be charged and that I would have a £40 credit as a goodwill gesture… all lies as none of this has happened.

I am currently trying to speak to Bilal in the complaints team but he has started to ignore me now, will try again tomorrow.

The only agent I spoke to who actually followed through with promises was Tobi and he was a pleasant person to deal with.

I am only sticking with Shell energy as I stupidly signed up to a fixed tariff, as soon as that is over I will be signing up to one of the many providers out there and I recommend anyone else do the same.

All I want is for my home move to be confirmed, my “exit fee” to be refunded and assurances that this will not happen again. Even in these difficult times I don’t think that is too much to ask for.

I look forward to a response from Shell energy and hope this whole saga is resolved soon. and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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