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Trustpilot Review Verdict on Shell Energy: Awful Awful Awful

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 22 Sept 2020.

Awful awful awful

Awful service. Can’t get hold of anyone. Have referred us to debt collectors twice for a bill that was from the previous tenants of the property, and have even contacted my parents who live elsewhere and have nothing to do with this?

Been on hold for 40 minutes, and waiting on live chat too. For something so serious it’s abysmal that I can’t get in touch.

Do not use this company.

Do not use this company.
January 2020 I asked Customer Services for a final bill. After telling me that the account was deactivated and operated by another supplier since Aug 2019 they sent me bills which varied between £20 and £350. At one point they passed the matter to a debt collection agency who tried a similar brand of intimidating tactics to get my money. If I told the story in detail you would think I’d made it up.
I must say that each and all of the many different individuals I spoke to or swapped texts with was patient, kind and confident that they could move their system in a just direction; they apparently were as helpless as I felt.
Finally got my £20 bill this month; with no written apology.
Do not use this company

How cheeky is this

How cheeky is this! I have been waiting over three weeks for an answer to a detailed e-mail raising important issues about my old and new contract.
Quick to make changes in Shell favour, snail slow to respond to anything else.
Shells systems makes ‘Trace & Track’ world beating!

Shell energy customer service worst

Try to call so many times put on hold for over an hour , try to email them in no reply back. Try to close my account it’s worst ever experienced.

Recently switched to shell energy what…

Recently switched to shell energy what a mistake they have the worst customer service of ANY company I’ve ever dealt with it’s impossible to speak to anyone if you have a problem

Worse energy provider

Worse energy provider, gas and electricity bills just got bigger every month ,Will not be using again

Absolutely useless

Absolutely useless. Wanted to switch to Shell Energy from another supplier but would need a gas meter installed. Sales team said this wouldn’t be a problem. Went through the hole sales process with a member of the sales team. Was told that they would contact me soon to arrange a time for the engineer.

Didn’t get an email for a few days. Called them and eventually was able to reach someone on the phone, who told me not too worry, that I was in their system, and to expect an email shortly.

Another week later, and no email. Called them to figure out what was happening, was told that I couldn’t be found on their system, and that my reference number didn’t show anything. Was told that I should expect an email in a few days.

Two weeks later, I finally get an email telling me that application had been rejected because they can’t install a gas meter.

What a bunch of clowns.

Truly awful company

Truly awful company. Hounding my eighty year old mother through debt collection services. Yet she never asked to be switched to Shell Energy. She cannot access her bill online. Was promised compensation by Patricia but none has appeared. Waited two hours to speak to someone who rudely hung up on her saying no one waits two hours. Bill eventually arrives in Post. My mother went to Bank to pay only to be told by the Teller that it wasn’t a proper invoice and she risks losing her funds if she pays. Farcical. Disgraceful way to treat an eighty year old. As soon as we can resolve the mess Shell
have created my mother will transfer to a decent provider.


Atrocious – tried to switch energy to Shell for a cheaper deal. Had an email a week later to say there might be a delay and that I didn’t need to do anything, they will contact me if they need anything more. 2 months later I’ve had no communications, they have ignored all my customer support tickets and after just being on the phone on hold for 30 minutes and passed between 3 advisors who were barely intelligible I have found out the application was rejected for a reason they don’t know and they can’t cancel the switch. There’s supposed to be an automated £30 compensation for delayed switches which I didn’t get either. They’ve been told to stop what they’re doing so I can switch to a company who respects their new customers.

They admit lying is ok

Awful sales person, lied twice when selling me the deal…..should have had a free product they didn’t want to give it me but checked the call and then they did give it me. Blatently lied about economy 7 and smart metre even admitted it but nothing I can do just have to deal with the fact they miss sold me my energy, and they seem OK with that.

Won’t be renewing with Shell again

Not happy with Shell – they have a useless app that’s no better than their website, which is also pretty poor. Seems to have the bear minimum to submit meter readings and not much else.

I was forced to get a smart meter to stay on the tariff I chose. A smart meter was required in their T’s and C’s however I feel like something like this should have been more upfront, rather than hidden in pages of documents most people don’t read in full.

Customer service just copy and paste I won’t be using them again.

Terrible experience.

Terrible experience.
Briefly they took three weeks to supply me with broadband, messed up the change from my previous supplier.
Tried to charge me £120 for a new line – when I still had one.

The ‘Superfast’ broadband – is similar to the old dial up connection, its very very slow, and not fit for purpose.

Takes ages to get through to customer services – issues not resolved.

I have to now go through the complaints procedure.

I would avoid all the stress and wasted time and go with a decent established company – even if they are a couple of pounds more.

Awful service, refuse to respond

For the last several months I have got my broadband from Shell and their service is absolutely terrible. Slow speeds, connection drops out in the middle of watching things, other problems too.

I must have emailed them 30 times about this, but all that comes back is an auto-response telling me to send them screenshots of speed tests. I already did this months ago, but when I tell them this they just go silent. Then a week or two later I email them back, and they request screenshots of speed tests.

Awful service, awful customer service. Avoid this company.

I have given a 1 star because I have…

I have given a 1 star because I have received an email telling me I need to submit a meter reading. I have a smart meter which is supposedly working. I am unable to read my box meters for the gas and electric as there are no readings on the boxes. Trying to get through to shell is almost impossible as the only opportunities I have to ring is during the busy times I was on the phone for 20 minutes before I went to work and had to hang up. I have been given a short time to submit my readings which is very worrying as I do not want a estimated reading because I think I am paying enough each month.

Worst Energy company ever

Worst Energy company ever. Switched to shell from eon and was assured existing smart meters would still work but they didn’t. Engineer (who spent endless amounts of time talking on his mobile) came out and installed companies own smart meters but these do not work either. Received an e-mail asking me to go back to submitting meter readings. Can’t get hold of anyone on the phone just continually left on hold, avoid shell energy at all costs.

Shell energy tried to rip me off by…

Shell energy tried to rip me off by assigning one of their accounts to me but not telling me about it, I found out six months later when the sent me a bill for nearly £4000 for electricity, I was shocked. There is no contract or agreement. I tried to speak to them about it but they refuse to take my calls. It’s been nearly three years now and I’m still trying to talk to them it’s very upsetting.

Dani, I did as you said, but I got a message back telling me you are too busy to talk to me. So this review stays here until you do.

Very Poor Show! 0/5

At 1809 on 26th August my internet went down for the second time since April. This time I was without service for four days.

You have told me I would be refunded £2:35 for loss of service. I had to purchase a £10 data plan for my phone so I could use the internet at home. I was trying to organise my mother’s funeral and I needed to have a working internet connection.

To add final insult to injury, I received my Shell phone/BB bill yesterday. I was charged £4:45 on the 28th August at 16:55 because I was on your HELP line for 1hr and 40 minutes trying to get my internet connection working!

I would like a refund for this amount. It’s not my fault I needed to be on the phone to you for so long trying to get my internet sorted out. The derisory £2.35 you are refunding me won’t even cover my incurred expenses over my loss of service!

I have not had a reply to this email sent on 15 September. So am making a negative Trustpilot review.

Your company made a stressful time even harder!

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  1. David says:

    Switched to Shell from OVO. Went OK, or so I thought. They fitted Smart (dumb) meters in place of old not so dumb meters. Now they tel me, after 6 months that they don’t work and would I kindly read the meter! They’ll let me know when the technology improves and they can solve the problem. Unbelievable bullshit! I’m pretty sure they take Gov money to fit Smart Meters but in any case what an appalling waste of money. Other company’s meters seem to be working fine. Now I wait to see if my bills have a surprise!

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