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Shambolic customer service from Shell Energy

Some extracts from today’s customer comments posted on Trustpilot: “Shambolic service. Shell’s customer service has gone from bad to worse. I have had threatening calls to clear my balance even though I haven’t yet had my final bill…”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 24 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 14 December 2020.

Shambolic service

I was transferred automatically to Shell Energy when my current provider Green Energy sold to them.

The first thing I noticed was my smart reader was no longer compatible, which was a small issue and easy to workaround

However, next, I had an email saying my monthly payment was to be increased by 50% which seemed an excessive increase when I wasn’t in arrears on the previous payment. When I got this I tried to move to one of the 12-month tariff plans. I then got an email to say thank you – we will amend your direct debit to the new plan in 12 months time leaving me on the higher rate and contracted in without making any saving.

As a result of this, I decided to change supplier and sent through final reading etc to a new supplier. Since then Shell’s customer service has gone from bad to worse. I have had threatening calls to clear my balance even though I haven’t yet had my final bill and have been making monthly payments. The straw that broke the camel’s back – and thus my posting a review it, when I messaged them to update them and was told they haven’t got the final electric meter reading and could I take 2 photo’s 7 days apart so they could ” take those 2 reads and calculate possible final read”. They wanted to give me an estimate on a final bill.

In summary – I didn’t choose to go to Shell and I certainly wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

Service was terrible

Service was terrible, I was promised a call back four days ago and no one has called back. Guess I will have to sit on hold for half a hour again to get through to the.

One of the reasons why I selected Shell…

One of the reasons why I selected Shell Energy as my provider, was the opportunity to upgrade my meter to a smart meter. So as soon as I moved my utility account to Shell, at the beginning of October, I booked my meter upgrade. The earliest date available for a smart meter installation was two and a half months later, in mid December. I was slightly disappointed, but accepted the wait. Some two months later (beginning of December), I received a call to say that my meter upgrade had been postponed (no reason for the postponement) , and I would now have to wait until February or March. I declined the new installation date and will leave Shell at the earliest opportunity.

Very difficult to move

Very difficult to move . I waited two months and they can’t make gas and electricity transfer.

Good luck if someone replies to your…

Good luck if someone replies to your email.

Smart electric meter failed to connect…

Smart electric meter failed to connect after around 8 weeks from transfer to Shell . Still faulty, although Gas now connecting to In Home Display.

Appalling work ethic

Shell have a very bad work ethic in that they use there own estimated large readings, thus not allowing the customer to provide accurate readings because theirs are lower. Then Shell bill and charge you for their readings and take payment via your direct debit. The customer relations appear to be in on this unprofessional work ethic and do nothing to rectify the over payment they make, and not willing to produce a refund for unused energy. Avoid the company unless you want to be at a financial loss

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