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Trustpilot Reviews of Shell Energy: Awful company to contact and awful customer service

Current Shell Energy customer reviews posted on Trustpilot: “Awful company to contact and awful customer service.” 

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 24 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 25 FEB 2021.

Terrible customer service and awful broadband.

12 months of awful Internet. 12 months of multiple phone calls, asking Shell to sort this terrible waste of money out. I live in a rural area, where mobile data signal is terribly slow. Even turning off the Shell Broadband and relying on slow mobile data was quicker than the alleged 34mbps we should be getting. I asked them if I could cancel my contract and if there would be any charge to leave. They informed me I could leave within paying a severance charge. Now I’ve decided to leave, they are insisting on a severance charge. For 12 months I’ve wasted my money in broadband which seldom worked, now to insult the situation further they are charging me to leave, even after I’m out of my contract period. Awful service, and they don’t seem to care about their customers.

The most incompetent company I have…

The most incompetent company I have ever had to deal with. Switched from Green Network in November and they waited for readings which were never taken and a smart meter to be fixed that never worked. After 4 irate emails I had a phone call to ask for electric readings they already had and said they didn’t need gas readings…today they doubled my payment to £150 per month on a total hypothesis of readings and still ignore my request for a meter read and meter fix. An absolute shambles in every possible way.
AVOID USING THIS COMPANY IT IS NOT WORTH THE GRIEF. They cannot even get a meter read.

Awful company to contact and awful…

Awful company to contact and awful customer service.
my Grandad recently passed away and we have contacted you to take his name off the bill, to be told there is an outstanding debt on the account, but the account wasn’t in my Nan or Grandads name, it was the neighbours name but my Nan and Grandad address. we have now been told as the debt is registered to the house its up to my nan.
my nan is very vulnerable and stressed with this over her shoulders.
I think this is appealing to put someone through so much stress for something that is 4 years old.

Absolutely hopeless company to contact

Absolutely hopeless company to contact. Trying to pay bill and they don’t seem to want our money. Would not recommend this company!
I am not one to write reviews but they have made me so frustrated!

Sent me spam asking to review them

Sent me spam asking to review them! Seems a bit desperate plus I have better things to do than review my energy company for free in my own time. However because I didn’t want to let them down my review is reflective of my view on being asked to review a company! I also didn’t give them permission to share my email address with trustpilot

Got smart meters installed. Engineer never checked that they were working. They have never worked since the day they were installed. Still waiting to get them fixed.

WiFi is awful Do you use

Baddest company ever dealt with just…

Baddest company ever dealt with just had a family issue and had to move out gave them meter reads that tgey recorded over the phone incorrectly and told me later that it it’s incorrect. On top of that they charged me a hefty exit fee as there was no option for me but to leave the property. Somehow i returned to my home aa things were sorted i told them okay i can continue with my account as they delayed more than 3 weeks to sort things out but they overcharged me and even my account was in credit and they have taken that money too. They are really a ripp off never ever deal with them or they are big cons and can overcharge you by cheating. Life saving advice

Customer Service ( or lack of )

I am a shell energy customer and requested a smart meter in July 2020, they came to fit it in January and I was told that it could not be fitted because of a problem. The problem has been fixed but can I get hold of Shell can I hell; 3 calls 2 they cut me off after 23 and 28 minutes respectively and the 3rd I asked for call back. They called and when i answered no one willspeak and then cut you off again. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy

Don’t even think about this cowboy outfit.

Shell Energy do NOT give the service that they promise. I was given a guaranteed speed of 35mbps but have been only getting 6mbps or even none. Their customer service is non existent during the weekend. There are many, better, service providers available. Look at them instead of this cowboy outfit.

Don’t ever use them, I would give them ZERO if I could !

I became a shell customer on 14/01/2021, since then I’ve made 4 phone calls and sent 4 emails to their customer service team with a photo of the actual meter reading taken on 14/01/2021. This meter reading was taken by the checkout person on the 14/01/21 the day the previous tenants moved out. They have apologised every time and promise to update my bill to reflect the the actual meter reading instead using a very low reading provided on 11/01/2021 which is incorrect and has no photo to support it. Despite all their promises the bill has NEVER been corrected and it’s so frustrating – their administration is absolutely useless!

your ability to let a customer talk to;…you dont care…

your ability to let a customer talk to someone is none existant,,i cant even increase my payments,,this company is with out doubt the worst i have ever been with,i can not wait till i can leave with out penaltys,,,and i have been with a lot of suppliers,,,ps i have been told by others they are waiting,to leave also,,shame on you…

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