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Trustpilot Review of Shell Energy: Avoid at all costs. Scam Company. DO NOT TRADE WITH SHELL ENERGY !!!!

Extract from a Shell Energy review posted on Trustpilot today: “Avoid at all costs. Scam Company. DO NOT TRADE WITH SHELL ENERGY !!!!

Featured above are extracts from a negative customer review about Shell Energy posted today on Trustpilot – see the entire review below. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 08 May 2021.

Avoid at all costs – £7000 bill ….Yes £7000.

Avoid at all costs – Scam company showing all the worst corporate traits.
We have a standard 3 bed house, no unusual energy requirements. Due to an incorrect meter reading our bill came in at £6947.67. Yes, almost £7000 !!!!!
£6738 of this bill was for the Gas supply. We had an agreed fixed payment Direct Debit of £75.00. You would think this huge increase would ring some alarm bells with Shell Energy as to a billing mistake or god forbid, even worse, perhaps a potentially lethal Gas leak that the homeowner is unaware of.
Shell Energy’s reaction was to take a £1105 payment by Direct Debit without even contacting us to confirm that this payment was ok with us and if this obviously unusually large bill was correct. Our account stated there would be 6 payments of this value…..WHAT !!!! Having been made redundant in the last 6 months due to covid this was not received well. I contacted my bank who immediately stated this was a fraudulent act to take this much on a Direct Debit without consent by the account holder. Luckily my bank refunded the direct debit money, otherwise it would have made for a very tough period.
So, of course, I contacted the company to discover the reasoning, to which I was told the incorrect meter reading was the problme. Fair enough, I give them the correct meter read and ask for a copy of all bills over the last few years. According to the guy I spoke to (who by the way was very helpful and did his best) we did have some outstanding monies to be paid. Fair enough, I stated I would check through the bills. If there was an outstanding amount I would settle up and, as now trust had been broken, leave for a different supplier. Now I have checked through the bills they are almost impossible to understand what is going on, there are unusual amounts on bills from various months to which there appears to be no evidence as to why these larger values are charged. i.e. in one month there is suddenly a £650 charge for Gas. I cannot see where this has come from. On top of this I was informed that to get the refund for the Direct Debit already paid would be very difficult as we would need the right evidence for a refund. The bills offer no info as they are so hard to read that I cannot understand what has occurred.
To sum up, this company needs looking at from the highest level. If I treated a fellow human this way in life I am sure I would be arrested, end up in court and potentially lose my liberty. Why can large companies treat people this way and get away with it.

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  1. Navid says:

    We are a victim of fraudulent bills issued by Shel Energy and currently trying to resolve the matter but to no avail

  2. Ben says:

    Totally agree, this company have tried similar things with me and are total scum/scam artist’s!


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