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Trustpilot review of Shell Energy: Absolute sh!t show of an organisation

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 1st Sept 2020.

Unethical, dishonest, greedy & dishonourable

Unethical (persuaded 85 year old to switch whilst shopping in Asda). Misleading (direct debit fell far short of usage & so accumulated a huge debt). Dishonest (agreed her repayment proposal & then additionally took an extra £100 by direct debit). Greedy (want to charge an exit fee). Dishonourable (blocked her move to another energy provider). Unreasonable length of time to get through to customer service. Agents pleasant & sympathetic but they have no authority.

Don’t trust! They lied to my face to get me to switch to them!

I switched to shell because they told me the standing charges were a lot less than I was initially paying and trusted I was being told the truth as it was face to face in my own gome. I never had anything to show me the rates and couldn’t access my online account for months and when I finally could I realised I was paying more than double! When I contacted them they told me as it was a face to face sign up there was nothing they could do as it was my word against their’s! So far in 8 months it cost me about £400 more than if I’d stayed with British gas so I would definitely not trust or recommend them ever!

1star is too much I have not got an…

1star is too much I have not got an account with shell energy nor have I ever had an account with them. 2 yrs ago I was with first utility left them for another company paid my total bill and now I have had a debt collection letter saying I owed shell energy a lot of money . I spoke to them and they agreed it was not right . I have now had a random email from shell energy with my monthly statement again asking for a lot of money !!!!! I got in touch with them via chat and after proving I had paid first utility they said that someone had used my account . When I asked who and how ???? They quickly back tracked and said it was an error end of . When I pointed out that this was very stressful and it could have caused unnecessary stress to a lot of people they ended the chat saying I would not hear anything from them again .
Stay away from this company !!!!!!

Absolutely appalling customer service

Absolutely appalling customer service. Having sold my house and given final meter readings to Greenstar, Shell Energy are still taking money via direct debit, refuse to give answers via email and I have now been on hold for 1hr and 35m trying to get an answer after 4 months

Absolute sh!t show of an organisation

Absolute sh!t show of an organisation. Zero customer service skills. The staff are all as thick as f***. I spend my life on hold trying to resolve things that shouldn’t need resolved. Staff tell you one thing, then place you on hold for what seems like an hour, only to change their answer. Clearly staff need training

DON’T use them…… EVER

Absolute horrific company to get supplied from. Firstly I got lied to by the person who initially dealt with me, then I started off with about £180 P/M (gas/elec) and was told I would be saving a lot of money. Well, I have been paying more then even my last supplier, because it went up to £200+ after a 3/4 of months. Then I was leaving them and got charged for leaving them before contract finished (I was told initially, it’s a year’s contract, but guess what, its 3 years, another lie).

They are letting me off £15 out of about £250+ I still have to pay, even though I had been paying in advance (that’s how much they are charging) and I have solar panels as well, lol. Thanks Shell.

DON’T use them

Horrific company with rude staff

I applied to Shell on the 12/08/2020 and received confirmation on the 13/08/2020. On the 25th, I received an email advising that the address I live at does not exist even though the house has existed in the same location for 60 years. So I called them and explained that everyone else, the Post Office, Telcom companies, other business, know the address and know how to find me. Even Google can find me. Shell decided to cancel my application without even bothering to tell me that this had occurred. The agent I spoke to was obstreperous and rude. Avoid!

If you have any other option then…

If you have any other option then better chose them over shell energy as they are just time waters and does not care about customers at all. As shell energy is relatively new broadband provider I decided to give it a go. I was waiting for broadband to be up and running and even received a router. Then I received the email that my order been cancelled???? I got on the phone with them immediately and had to wait over 40 min on hold to be told that they cannot help and the best I can do is to place the order again and hope(?!) that it will not be cancelled next time. I have already waited over a week and I said I would like to log a complaint for them as a feedback and to improve the system that is wrong and disappointing for customers but lady said she will not do it as there is nothing else to be done(?!). Honestly I wanted to be their new customer but with this attitude and lack of care I would not recommend it to anyone.

Terrible company

Terrible company. I have been supporting my 84 year old mum. She has been overcharged by £300 or £400 on the final statement. They are not the least bothered about dealing with our concerns. They have even continued to take money after the ‘deemed’ reading and final statement. Stay well clear!

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