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Posted by John Donovan 9 Sept 2023

The links below are to a series of articles stretching back a decade, some triggered by a well-placed whistleblower directly involved in the  Prelude project. Includes articles by Mr Bill Campbell, the former distinguished HSE Group Auditor of Shell International (now sadly deceased). A good loyal friend, and regular long-term contributor to this website, who I never actually met.

ARTICLE: Voser wisely abandons an unstable ship: 28 December 2013

ARTICLE: Royal Dutch Shell Prelude to disaster?: 10 Jan 2014

ARTICLE: Shell Prelude FLNG: loss of containment of hydrocarbons almost inevitable: 21 Feb 2014

ARTICLE: What should frighten stiff Royal Dutch Shell shareholders: 15 March 2014

ARTICLE: Tales of the Unexpected and Royal Dutch Shell Prelude FLNG: 28 March 2014

ARTICLE: Prelude FLNG: A case of all your eggs in the one basket: 10 July 2014

ARTICLE: Prelude FLNG risks are on par with modern offshore oil and gas facilities say Shell – but are they?: 23 Sept 2014

ARTICLE: Royal Dutch Shell Prelude Project ‘A Step Too Far’: 25 Sept 2014

ARTICLE: SpaceShip Two: Shell Prelude another pioneering venture fraught with risk: 2 November 2014

ARTICLE: WA turns spotlight on FLNG safety: 11 November 2014

ARTICLE: Prelude a giant production and processing barge masquerading as a ship: 11 November 2014

ARTICLE: Sunday Times Article: Prelude a potential white elephant: 11 November 2014

ARTICLE: Damning Verdict on Shell’s Prelude FLNG Propaganda: 12 November 2014

ARTICLE: Combustible pioneering behemoths – the Hindenburg and Shell Prelude: 21 November 2014

ARTICLE: Key role of Shell lawyers in pioneering Shell Prelude FLNG: 05 December 2014

ARTICLE: The Future of Natural Gas: LNG vs. FLNG: 26 Feb 2015

ARTICLE: The Sydney Morning Herald: WA inquiry shines spotlight on floating LNG safety fears: 8 May 2015

ARTICLE: THE WEST AUSTRALIAN: Delays slow Prelude’s sail-away: 11 April 2016

ARTICLE: THE WEST AUSTRALIAN: Gas industry needs to work harder, innovate: Shell boss: 12 April 2016

ARTICLE: ENERGY VOICE: GE starts production on Shell’s Prelude risers, must withstand a 1-in-10,000-year cyclonic event: 11 April 2016

ARTICLE: THE AUSTRALIAN: Shell chief Ben van Beurden backs FLNG program: 13 April 2016

ARTICLE: THE WEST AUSTRALIAN: Enthusiasm cools for Prelude FLNG: 13 April 2016

ARTICLE: BY JOHN DONOVAN: Musings about the OPL 245 Shell/ENI corruption scandal and the sinking confidence in Prelude: 13 April 2016

ARTICLE: BY BILL CAMPBELL: Project Prelude – A case study in the generation of real material debt: 17 April 2016/a>

Hazardex: Shell Australia’s giant Prelude floating LNG project likely to come on stream in 2017: 20 Sept 2016

Australian Government unconvinced about FLNG safety claims: 28 Sept 2016

Shell awards JGC contract for completion of Prelude LNG vessel: 9 Dec 2016

Shell Prelude FLNG project relegated to backburner: 6 May 2017

Shell’s floating LNG facility sets sail from South Korea for Australia: Reuters: 29 June 2017

Royal Dutch Shell’s Prelude floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) ship has left a shipyard in South Korea for its destination offshore northwest Australia, the company said on Thursday.

Shell’s Prelude LNG vessel sets sail: The West Australian: 29 June 2017

Tug boats began towing the 488m Prelude out to sea early this morning from Samsung Heavy Industry’s Geoje shipyard, according to a website monitoring vessel movements.


In Australia, Shell signals new era for LNG: 25 July 2017

Report: Gas could be sidelined by renewables in parts of Australia: 26 July2017

PRELUDE FLNG is a very risky business: 27 July 2017

Alarm Bells: Shell Hydrocarbons continue getting out the box: 1 Aug 2017

Alarming news today of potential fire and explosion on Shell North Sea platform: 2 Aug 2017

Shell cannot say it was not warned about Prelude FLNG: 2 Aug 2017

Shell’s ill-fated $14bn gamble on Titanic Prelude FLNG Barge: 17 Aug 2017

Why Shell Prelude is such a risky gamble!: 18 Aug 2017

Shell’s Prelude Officially Entered into Lloyd’s Register: 23 Aug 2017

Shell Prelude FLNG named as FieldComm Group 2017 Plant of the Year: 6 Nov 2017

Shell damps down Prelude LNG expectations: 29 Nov 2017

The world’s largest-ever vessel is all set to go in 2018: 26 Dec 2018

Is all well with the Shell Prelude FLNG Project? : 21 July 2018

Shell Prelude Anxiety: 31 Aug 2018

Alarm Bells Ring Again About Shell Prelude Safety Issues: 9 Feb 2019

Shell puts safety ahead of LNG production on Prelude: 13 Feb 2019

Expert scepticism about Shell Prelude: 16 Feb 2019

Dutch FT: Retired Shell chief safety officer warns of major Prelude risks: 13 March 2019

Royal Dutch Shell Prelude FLNG News: 25 March 2019: 25 March 2019


The arsonist complains about the diligence of the fire brigade: 19 May 2019

Shell Prelude boss Rob Jager talks about the world’s biggest offshore facility: 24 May 2019

Shell Prelude, suddenly, everything is not so tickety-boo: 26 May 2019

Reuters: Shipping of first LNG cargo from Australia’s Prelude project is “imminent” – Shell: 5 June 2019

Shell Prelude Problems? Good luck guys!: 7 June 2019

LNG tanker poised to load first cargo at Prelude FLNG, Australia8 June 2019

Dangerous Occurrence: Facts About Shell Prelude Problems: 8 June 2019

Shell ships long-awaited first LNG cargo from Australia’s Prelude: 11 June 2019

REUTERS: Shell sees more opportunities for floating LNG after Prelude delays: 19 June 2019

Second LNG cargo from Prelude – still trouble at mill?: 7 July 2019

Shell confirms no impact to Prelude floating LNG facility as a result of Broome earthquake: 16 July 2019

Upstream Online: Shell learns from Prelude challenges?: 23 Aug 2019

Shell Prelude claims are ridiculous make-believe nonsensical drivel?: 30 Aug 2019

Shell Prelude FLNG: Not bad for an evil company ……!: 14 Nov 2019

Australian workers concerned Prelude jobs going overseas: 4 Dec 2019

Shell Expands Resource Base for Prelude LNG: 24 Dec 2019

Fears there could be a loss of hydrocarbons from the Shell Prelude facility: 29 Jan 2020

Alarming warning to the Australian National Offshore Petroleum and Environmental Management Authority about Shell Prelude Project: 31 Jan 2020

Retired Shell Global Safety Consultant says concerns expressed by Australian Regulator (NOSPEMA) about Shell Prelude fully justified: 2 Feb 2020

(Please read in conjunction with the recent comments made by Bill Campbell in the article Alarming warning to the Australian National Offshore Petroleum and Environmental Management Authority about Shell Prelude Project)

Shell Prelude it appears has inherited the North Sea chronic disease of loss of containment: 3 Feb 2020

Prelude alarm bells should be ringing at Shell HQ: 3 Feb 2020

Reuters: Shell temporarily suspends Prelude LNG production following electrical trip: 4 Feb 2020

Shell’s shut down of Prelude – seems alarm bells were indeed ringing, as we suggested just hours ago: 4 Feb 2020

Prelude shutdown: 5 Feb 2020


Offshore Alliance claim Shell’s Prelude FLNG thrusters broken: 6 Feb 2020

Reuters: UPDATE 1-Shell temporarily suspends LNG liftings from Prelude off Australia: 18 Feb 2020

ENB: Prelude to remain shut three more weeks: regulator: 19 Feb 2020

Shell’s Prelude LNG is a carbon disaster: 26 March 2020

Shell’s Prelude LNG is a carbon disaster: 26 March 2020

upstreamonline: Prelude floating LNG giant still offline after two months: 2 April 2020

Significant risk to the health and safety of persons at the Shell Prelude FLNG Facility: 22 April 2020

Poor choices and dud projects trigger calls for a Van Beurden succession plan?: 6 May 2020

Reuters: Virus lockdowns pummel global gas demand, force LNG output cuts: 7 May 2020

No winners from Shell’s $US17B Prelude floating LNG: 15 May 2020

Shell Prelude FLNG fiasco, late, expensive, dirty, unreliable and dangerous: 16 May 2020

Union plans ‘protected action’ strike aboard Shell’s Prelude floating LNG: 20 May 2020

Shell’s Prelude floating LNG plant out of action for several months?5 June 2020

Maybe the Shell job cuts should start at the top?: 13 June 2020

Shell’s Prelude FLNG project exec, Rob Jager, to depart: 22 June 2020

Shell hasn’t exported any cargoes from Prelude FLNG for almost five months: 23 June 2020

Shell’s $12 Billion LNG Experiment Becomes A Big Headache: 23 June 2020

Successive Shell CEO’s cannot say that they were not warned time and again about the Prelude experiment: 23 June 2020

Prelude S*** Storm: 25 June 2020

Shell slashes valuation of oil and gas assets amid coronavirus crisis: 2 July 2020

Trailblazing gas project looks like a costly hangover from the past: 2 July 2020

Australia bears biggest brunt of Shell write-down: 3 July 2020

Shell Prelude in Stormy Weather Again: 9 July 2020

Shell sends top HR man to Prelude in the hope of quelling mutiny: 9 July 2020

Shell’s Big Bet On Prelude Floating LNG May Be A Flop: 15 July 2020

Workforce strike at Shell’s Prelude confirmed: 21 July 2020

Union Strike on Prelude FLNG: 28 July 2020

Shell posts $18billion loss in second quarter: 30 July 2020

Shell tries to bribe Prelude workers with $50,000 one-off payment: 7 Aug 2020

World’s largest floating LNG factory remains in shutdown — at just three years old: 21 Aug 2020

Coronavirus Further Complicates Shell’s Giant Floating Gas Project: 22 Aug 2020

Shell begins restart activity at Prelude FLNG: 4 Sept 2020

Shell Australia attempts to bring Prelude FLNG back online: 7 Sept 2020

Shell Resumes Work at Prelude Floating LNG Facility: 8 Sept 2020

Shell booked $11 billion in writedowns on its gas business, mostly on its Australian Prelude floating LNG: 15 Sept 2020

Shell’s Prelude FLNG becomes a big headache! (By BILL CAMPBELL): 5 Oct 2020

Prelude FLNG maintenance workers to go on strike: 8 Oct 2020

Shell’s Australian Prelude LNG will not resume shipping LNG this year: 15 Oct 2020

Is Shell’s $17 Billion Bet On Floating LNG A Flop?: 16 Oct 2020

Prelude will not resume full production this year, says Shell: 22 Oct 2020


XR activists protest Prelude “death machine”: 9 November 2020

Australia’s LNG exports at nine-month high: 4 Dec 2020

Shell Australia and unions to commence formal EBA bargaining: 4 Dec 2020

Shell to write down assets again, taking cuts to more than $22 billion: 21 Dec 2020

Shell resumes gas shipments from world’s largest floating structure: 11 Jan 2021

Shell Restarts Production At Huge Prelude Project As LNG Prices Soar: 11 Jan 2021

Australia’s Prelude FLNG shipments resume: Shell: 12 Jan 2021

Two LNG Tankers Bound for Australia’s Prelude Facility Divert?: 21 Jan 2021

UPDATE 1-Two LNG tankers bound for Australia’s Prelude facility divert-shiptracking data: 22 Jan 2021


LNG production at Shell’s Prelude gas processing plant in Western Australia restarts following 11-month closure: 24 Jan 2021

Prelude: A year of working dangerously: 5 Feb 2021

Shell predicts free gas forever from Gorgon and Prelude LNG projects: 31 March 2021

Shell’s $12 Billion Prelude LNG Barge Drifts Toward A Finale: 26 April 2021

Sleep-deprived Prelude workers complain to offshore regulator: 19 July 2021

Shell’s giant $24b Prelude LNG ship shut down after fire: 3 Dec 2021

Shell’s Prelude LNG vessel shuts operations, staff evacuation underway after electrical fire: 5 Dec 2021

Shell evacuates Prelude floating LNG plant after power outage: 6 Dec 2021

The Prelude debacle: 8 Dec 2021

How Shell lost control of its $24B Prelude floating gas factory: 21 Dec 2021

Shell ordered to shut down Prelude floating LNG until it is safe: 24 Dec 2021


Prelude FLNG Remains Shut In Until Shell Makes It Safe For Work: 27 Dec 2021

Australia Tells Shell to Keep Prelude FLNG Unit Offline Until It’s Proven Safe for Workers: 26 Dec 2021

The Many Growing Pains of Shell’s Prelude FLNG Continue:4 Jan 2022

Shell’s Prelude gas vessel faced ‘catastrophic failure’ from power outage: 5 Jan 2022

Alarm Bells Still Ringing About Shell Prelude: 7 Jan 2022

Will Shell have to abandon the Prelude experiment?: 8 Jan 2022

Prelude FLNG Inquiry into safety by WA Government: 8 Jan 2022

NOPSEMA data up to 2020 shows dangerous occurrences on Shell Prelude FLNG being reported every 20 days or so?: 10 Jan 2022

Further expert comment on the Shell Prelude debacle: 11 Jan 2022

Shell’s Prelude FLNG risked major failure due to power issues13 Jan 2022

Shell Prelude Meltdown: Something went very badly wrong here…14 Jan 2022

Almost…no tax or LNG royalties from… Shell’s Prelude projects?: 16 Jan 2022

Prelude FLNG to Stay Shut in 1Q 2022: 17 Jan 2022

Prelude FLNG to Stay Shut in 1Q 2022: 5 Feb 2022

Prelude going through ‘teething troubles’ says deceiver Ben van Beurden: 7 Feb 2022

Coming soon: The Hindenburg, The Titanic and Shell Prelude FLNG: 8 Feb 2022

John Donovan, his website and his main contributor on Shell safety issues, Bill Campbell: 13 Feb 2022

Shell’s Prelude FLNG to remain offline for most of Q1: Ben van Beurden: 15 Feb 2022

More Prelude power issues “foreseeable and credible” : 24 Feb 2022

The Hindenburg, The Titanic and Shell Prelude FLNG: 1 March 2022

Shell Playing With Fire On PRELUDE FLNG: 19 March 2022

Shell (SHEL) Gets Nod to Restart Production at Prelude FLNG: 29 March 2022

Shell resumes shipping LNG from Prelude off Australia: 11 April 2022

Shell restarts shipments from Australia’s Prelude FLNG: 11 April 2022

Shell restarts LNG shipments from giant floating gas site: 13 April 2022

Oil giant Shell feels heat over giant $21 billion Prelude floating LNG plant: 26 April 2022

Shell, Seven Group invest $3.5b in Crux gas for Prelude as unions take action: 30 May 2022

Shell to develop Crux project in Western Australia: 30 May 2022

Shell sends ‘thug’ to stop industrial strike action on Prelude FLNG, says labor union: 2 June 2022

Serious fire dangers at Prelude FLNG: 8 June 2022

Prelude potentially facing another shut down ” 9 June 2022

Shell’s Prelude gas ship hit by safety, crewing and industrial problems: 10 June 2022

Dispute stops cargoes at Shell’s huge floating LNG plant: 28 June 2022

Shell says Prelude LNG shipments disrupted until at least mid-July: 29 June 2022

Shell Warns Of Prelude LNG Disruptions: 29 June 2022

Shell ships LNG from Australia’s Prelude despite staff stoppages: 8 July 2022

Shell to shut LNG vessel after workers reject $30,000 a year pay rise: 11 July 2022

Shell halts production on floating gas platform Prelude amid worsening industrial dispute: 12 July 2022

Shell to Shut Prelude FLNG Over Industrial Dispute: 13 July 2022

Shell to enforce lockout on Prelude as industrial dispute escalates: 20 July 2022

Shell drops plans to lock out Prelude workers from Western Australian offshore gas facility: 26 July 2022

Shell Prelude’s two-month $500m strike delays major maintenance9 Aug 2022

Shell Prelude FLNG. The most unreliable Offshore installation ever built…: 12 Aug 2022

Prelude is simultaneously a stellar engineering achievement and a financial black hole: 13 Aug 2022

Shell Postpones Prelude LNG Turnaround Until Next Year: 15 Aug 2022

Shell Prelude “White Elephant”: 18 Aug 2022

Shell, unions reach agreement in Prelude gas facility industrial dispute: 24 Aug 2022

Shell’s Prelude FLNG off Australia resumes LNG production, shipments: 19 Sept 2022

Shell restarts Australian Prelude LNG loadings: 19 Sept 2022

Hellish working conditions on board world’s biggest offshore gas site, Prelude: 15 November 2022

Shell suspends production at Prelude FLNG after fire breaks out: 22 Dec 2022

Shell’s Prelude FLNG in Australia Still Offline After December Fire: 14 Jan 2023

Shell Prelude Fires: 18 Jan 2023

Shell’s Prelude FLNG Restarts First Cargo Since Fire: 24 Jan 2023

Shell CEO creates chief of staff role in management overhaul: 24 Feb 2023

Shell’s $21 Billion Prelude Floating LNG Plant Debacle: 18 June 2023

Shell exposes its Prelude workers to the exhilarating risk of fire and explosion: 24 July 2023

Prelude workers exposed to “hydrocarbon gas fire or explosion”: 1 Aug 2023


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