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HERE FIRST TEN DAYS AGO: Lorraine Mitchelmore Fired

Michael Crothers at Shell E&P Ireland Limited By John Donovan On 7 November, we published the first news of the firing of Lorraine Mitchelmore, the President and Country Chair of Shell Canada. The information, which came from a Shell insider source, was posted on our Shell Blog under the alias of “Manny” The departure of Lorraine Mitchelmore has been confirmed […]

Outspoken articles about Shell

Outspoken articles about Shell 2015 I WARNED WIKIPEDIA YEARS AGO THAT ALIAS EDITING WOULD RESULT IN SCANDAL: 7 Sept 2015 OSSL Whistleblower Email Sent to Irish Police, Irish Times and Shell on 28 August 2015: 28 Aug 2015 SHELL und DEUTSCHLAND (SHELL AND GERMANY): 18 Aug 2015 BVB Personal Journey? Was it to a bank […]


English translation below of the text shown on the centre section of the above German road map published by Shell in Nazi Germany after Hitler came to power in January 1933. Shell boasted about its contribution to the German economy stretching back to 1924. We assume the map provided directions to the Polish border. In […]

Simon Henry sells £423,400 ($660,736.58) worth of stock in Royal Dutch Shell Plc

Chief Financial Officer Simon Henry sold 20,000 shares of Royal Dutch Shell Plc stock in a transaction dated Tuesday, May 5th. The stock was sold at an average price of GBX 2,117 ($33.04), for a total transaction of £423,400 ($660,736.58). Simon knows more than we do about Shell’s ill-fated 2015 Arctic Drilling campaign.   The cost […] one of the most valuable domain names in the world?

Aramco Shell .com By John Donovan I own and operate many Shell related domain names including, for example, and, both of which Shell International unsuccessfully attempted to seize 10 years ago in proceedings via The World Intellectual Property Organisation. Depending on reaction to this article, I may put one of my domain names […]

Shell, climate change and a question of reality

By John Donovan Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Beurden is said to have lambasted fossil fuel critics at the Shell AGM yesterday, accusing them of ignoring reality. Two days earlier, Terry Macalister of The Guardian, who has always been scrupulously fair in his comments and reporting in relation to Shell, seemed to suggest that it is Mr […]

Sultan of Oman Spying On Shell

By John Donovan Interesting to read the allegations that the Sultan of Oman’s intelligence services are spying on Shell. More specifically, the local operations of Shell involving the JV company, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). This information is unsurprising given the content of leaked secret cables from the US Embassy in Muscat published by WikiLeaks in December 2010, suggesting a degree […]


Disclaimer: We encourage a diversity of opinion and comment. The opinions/information expressed/provided by “Washington Observer” in this article are not necessarily endorsed or condoned by this website. For legal reasons we have removed the name of a well known U.S. company that was identified in the article. Shell did not take up our invitation to […]

Signs of failure of the Royal Dutch Shell Empire?

The problem is when the corruption stems from the boardroom as witnessed by the lead up to the Shell reserves crisis and the protracted cover-up of the Shell Touch F*** All scandal, all is lost.  You only have to look at recent history of how organisations fail due to internal corruption of essential controls by […]

9/11 Terror Attack and the Shell Reserves Scandal

By John Donovan On Friday we published an article revealing Shell internal email correspondence, which provided proof that three weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the USA, Shell executives were considering how Shell could exploit the horrific event for commercial reasons. As can be seen from the correspondence, the objective was to “buy us […]

SHELL ARCTIC MELTDOWN: What a f****** mess Shell have got themselves into…

SHELL ARCTIC MELTDOWN: What a f****** mess Shell have got themselves into… COMMENT RECEIVED FROM A SHELL SENIOR MANAGEMENT RETIREE Just read that Shell broke some air quality rules from the EPA. There must be a whole team coordinating all the replies to the press and authorities and making sure they all say the same […]

Deterding orders-Hitler acts

News reports from long ago are emerging on the Internet as newspapers create digital searchable online archives. This is a disastrous development for  companies such as Royal Dutch Shell that have been around for a long time and have a toxic history to hide. By John Donovan News reports from long ago are emerging on […]

Noble Drilling hit by another set back after fire on Shell Nobel Discoverer

Just what is needed in pristine Arctic waters: An accident prone Drilling Company employed by a reckless greedy oil giant with a notorious “Touch F*** All” offshore safety culture and a track record of unconscionable, untreated environmental devastation e.g. Nigeria. By John Donovan Last month the Noble Discoverer drilling ship involved in Shell’s hapless inaugural season […]


By John Donovan Shell has for many years supposedly operated within an ethical code which, according to its current webpage on the subject, was first published in 1976. This does not tally with the relevant pages in “A HISTORY OF ROYAL DUTCH SHELL, Volume 3,” about the history of the code – known in […]

Royal Dutch Shell and Racism

Shell has admitted past discrimination against Jewish employees, which cost at least 20 of them their lives.  It supported racist regimes in Nazi Germany and more recently, Apartheid South Africa. By John Donovan Shell employees who have accused Shell of being a racist company will be interested in a comparison set out in “A HISTORY […]

The Neptune Strategy: Shell Propped up Apartheid in South Africa

By John Donovan In 1987, Shell Oil Co implemented a secret 265 page plan devised by a Washington based firm, Pagan International. The devious plan was designed to undermine support for critics of Shell’s policy of propping up the despised racist apartheid regime in South Africa, just as Shell and its Nazi leader, Sir Henri […]

Shell propped up racist apartheid regime in South Africa

Within 48 hours, subject to legal intervention by Shell, we will publish an article about how Royal Dutch Shell propped up and profited from the repressive apartheid regime in South Africa. By John Donovan Update Monday 26 November: Within 48 hours, subject to legal intervention by Shell, we will publish an article about how Royal […]

SUPERBUCKET motivational message from Shell CEO Peter Voser

THIS IS NOT A SPOOF, BUT A GENUINE LEAKED MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGE FROM SHELL CEO PETER VOSER, DESCRIBED BY ONE RECIPIENT AS “BULLSHIT OF OLYMPIC PROPORTIONS” By John Donovan Printed below is a motivational message sent to Shell staff yesterday by Royal Dutch Shell CEO, Peter Voser. It was supplied by a thoroughly disillusioned Shell insider […]

Shell’s alleged crimes against humanity

COMMENT FROM A FORMER SHELL EMPLOYEE ON THE KIOBEL v SHELL CASE I would like to remind your readers that the United States held its own version of the Nuremberg trials in the American Zone of what was once West Germany. The trials held at Nuremberg ended in 1946 but the US decided to continue […]

Gripe Sites: Sue or Stew?

Extract from “Gripe Sites: Sue or Stew” By William G. Pecau Gripe sites can be more than forums for criticism. Because some are run by or receive contributions from former employees or anonymous current dissatisfied employees, some gripe sites have access to and post non- public information about a company or its employees. Some of […]

Shell Arctic Drilling: Blame game question

Article by a Guest Author, a Regular Contributor We all know that Shell cannot possibly deal with a significant release of oil from any of the well it will (may) be drilling in the Arctic this summer. That is now well known and a given, no matter what Shell claims. Even the Coast Guard admits […]


COLLABORATING WITH THE DONOVANS Despite all of the acrimony over the years, we are pleased to receive confirmation in authentic Shell Internal emails dated 18 Jan 2012 that we remain Shell’s “favourite “Royal Dutch Shell plc website.” What is less amusing is that one Shell member of staff was concerned about the prospect of being accused […]

Bad Publicity plus British Humour puts Shell on the defensive

Translation of an article published in an April 2012 edition of the German magazine: ECOreporter CLICK ON EACH IMAGE TO ENLARGE Text in Nigeria Oil Spill Photo: The oil industry in Nigeria is the cause of ecological environmental problems Article by Juergen Roettger. April Fool Bad Publicity plus British Humour –  puts Shell on the […]

A loose cannon at Sakhalin Energy

It seems to me slightly over-the-top for the Sakhalin Energy source to compare the Russian Federation Government dealings with the Donovans to “another mistake similar to signing The Non-Aggression Pact between the USSR and Germany of 1939…” By John Donovan Definition of a “loose cannon” – An unpredictable or uncontrolled person who is likely to […]

Shell and Friends of the Earth exhange fire via the FT

By John Donovan Stumbled across this interesting correspondence conducted publicly via the letters page of the Financial Times several years ago between Sir Mark Moody-Stuart of Shell and Mr Tony Juniper, Executive Director, Friends of the Earth, London. As can be seen, Sir Mark scored a spectacular own goal. Got his facts wrong. FROM OUR […]

Shell management: thugs in suits

FROM AN OUTSPOKEN CRITIC OF ROYAL DUTCH SHELL On Shell’s website you will find the statement: Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies. With around 90,000 employees in more than 80 countries and territories, Shell helps to meet the world’s growing demand for energy in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways. Why […]

Shell’s undignified exit from Libya

By John Donovan We have already published an article containing a leaked email purportedly sent on 14 June 2012 by disgruntled Shell Exploration & Production Libya staff to senior Shell managers. Shell claims that it is withdrawing from Libya because of a deteriorating security situation. It self-evidently prefers to do business with dictators (a policy […]


EMAIL RECEIVED FROM MAURA HARRINGTON SPOKESPERSON OF “SHELL TO SEA” CAMPAIGN: SHELL CORRIB GAS PROJECT IN IRELAND ON SHAKY GROUND Dear John, Further interesting developments on the west coast! This morning registered a 4.0 magnitude earthquake off Belmullet. This occurred in the general area of the Corrib Field and at a depth too close to […]

Shell’s Battle of the River Plate: largest ever oil spill in fresh water

The court will fine Shell 100,000 pesos (US$28,000) for each day it falls behind in the clean-up operation, the paper reported. Protests about the biggest fresh water oil spill in history By John Donovan Printed below is a news report about the largest ever oil spill in fresh water. Shell was responsible for the spill, […]

Britain: Shell’s Enemy No. 1

Full episode 02.05.12 | 22:30 – 23:00 UTC European Journal – The Magazine from Brussels European Journal is a 30 minute magazine on DW that delivers the inside take – reports on important political, economic and cultural developments in the EU with a strong focus on the European integration process. European Journal features issues that […]

Ashamed of Shell

COMMENT FROM A FORMER SHELL EMPLOYEE (Name and contact information supplied). I was reading your blog today about Shell’s annual meeting and the dissatisfaction being expressed by shareholders. One shareholder I think summed up the attitude of most shareholders in general, and employees in particular (who are also shareholders in Shell through the various stock […]

Shell’s predatory appetite for intellectual property

Shell is notorious for its predatory appetite for the intellectual property of other organizations, its business partners, contractors, etc. Industrial espionage is a way of life at Shell. COMMENT BY A FORMER SHELL OIL COMPANY ENGINEER Another alleged case of IP theft hits Royal Dutch Shell I have a short comment about the company you clearly […]

Another alleged case of IP theft hits Royal Dutch Shell

By John Donovan Whilst trawling through cases filed against Shell on the U.S. Court system electronic records, I came across a claim filed on 17 April 2012. It is yet another case alleging that Shell has misappropriated intellectual property. Our own problems with Shell arose from the serial theft of ideas we disclosed to the […]

The Gripe Site – Royal Dutch Shell vs. Robert Eringer

by LloydBricks May 17, 2012 One consequence of global anger about widespread banking fraud, corruption, and environmental devastation as of late has been the creation of the online ‘gripe site’ such as those by author, blogger and self-proclaimed ‘intelligence adviser’ Robert Eringer, along with the more popular site of Royal Dutch Shell. These are websites […]

US pension fund giants lead Shell onslaught

FROM OUR ARCHIVES By John Donovan In May 2005, Royal Dutch Shell was in the middle of the maelstrom arising from the reserves scandal. Shell had defrauded many of its own shareholders as a result of filing false information with the US Securities & Exchange Commission. The Sunday Telegraph article printed below provides an insight […]


Hi John, We love the terrific work you do with your site With its vast amount of articles it is a terrific news archive on anything regarding Shell. I especially read one of your latest posts, titled Shell’s Outrage, with great interest. Also heard about the strategy you used to have, paying or asking […]

Gripe Sites

By John Donovan The article printed below is from our archives. It is about gripe web sites such as this one and contains a warning by Guy Martin, of the law firm Carter-Ruck concerning “potentially disastrous legal consequences for making untrue allegations which are defamatory of companies or individuals…”  It is therefore a testimony to […]

Shell sharpens up its in-house army of 600 litigators

Lawyers are not business people, however large a lawyer’s experience may be, in the conduct of business he is absolutely useless. A lawyer placed at the head of a concern would soon bring the business to rack and ruin. By John Donovan The Lawyer reports today that “Royal Dutch Shell has launched a new global […]

Shell propaganda guys?

FROM “OUTSPOKEN” – A FORMER SHELL OIL EMPLOYEE John, I see you now have two mindless friends, ‘USCitizen’ and ‘LondonLad’ staunchly defending Royal Dutch Shell. Hmmm. It would appear to me that the propaganda guys on both sides of the pond appear to have gotten into the act. I seriously doubt these people really exist. […]

Sordid side of Shell at Geelong Refinery

Photograph of Shell’s Geelong refinery in Australia By John Donovan The sordid side of Shell and its inability to follow its own core values at the very top of its management Shell investigates alleged IP theft at Geelong Refinery Alleged IP theft from employee of Shell Geelong Refinery Stirring up a Hornets’ Nest at Shell’s […]

Stirring up a Hornets’ Nest at Shell’s Geelong Refinery

According to an insider source, the information that appeared on this website regarding alleged Intellectual Property theft has stirred up a hornet’s nest at Shell’s Geelong Refinery. It would also appear that an investigation is under way to find the person responsible for sending it to me, which has the objective of subjecting that person […]


Copy of an email sent by John Donovan to every UK MP: 25 APRIL 2012 ROYAL DUTCH SHELL SENIOR MANAGEMENT HAS HAD ADVANCE SIGHT OF THIS EMAIL AND THEREFORE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEEK AN INJUNCTION IF ANYTHING STATED IS UNTRUE This issue transcends all geographical (and constituency) boundaries. In September 2011, The Independent published an […]

Shell’s toxic legacy in Brazil

The plant was built in 1977 by Shell… Dozens of former employees of the plant have been diagnosed with prostate, thyroid and other types of cancer, circulatory, liver and intestinal illnesses, as well as infertility and sexual impotence, the statement added. By John Donovan We have received emails seeking our help and advice from ATESQ […]

Great Britain: A lone fighter against Shell

John Donovan at the Shell Centre, 4 April 2012 Professional translation (by OneHourTranslation) of the German narration in the ARD TV Europa Magazine documentary feature: Great Britain: A lone fighter against Shell. Broadcast Saturday 21 April 2012. Great Britain: A lone fighter against Shell Next to the London Eye, the Shell Centre stands tall. Its […]

United Kingdom: a lone fighter against Shell

ARD TV in Germany – the German equivalent of BBC TV – on Saturday, 21 April, broadcast a feature about me and this website ( as part of the EUROPA MAGAZINE programme. By John Donovan ARD TV in Germany – the German equivalent of BBC TV – on Saturday, 21 April, broadcast a feature about […]

Shell investigates alleged IP theft at Geelong Refinery

Photograph of Shell’s Geelong refinery in Australia By John Donovan Printed below is email correspondence involving a whistleblower employee from Shell’s Geelong refinery in Australia and Mr Michiel Brandjes, Company Secretary and General Counsel Corporate of Royal Dutch Shell. Although Mr Brandjes claimed that it was not a matter for correspondence with this website, he […]

Corporate Scandals: Post-Enron, post-Shell, post-WorldCom, post-Parmalat

Post-Enron, post-Shell, post-WorldCom, post-Parmalat, the collective knickers of the business world are in a twist about ethics, and rightly so. Deals are the building blocks of business. Enormous sums are at stake and the money belongs mostly to strangers, not neighbours. Without ethics to define deals and fair dealing, business will not get done. Introduction […]

Nigerian Delta Rights Group of over 100 aggrieved former Shell employees

CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE POSTING BY THE NIGERIAN DELTA RIGHTS GROUP OF FORMER SHELL EMPLOYEES Find attached pictures of oil spills in the Niger Delta caused by SHELL and hidden away from Regulatory Agencies. These spills occurred and were hidden and cleaned up in-house using villagers from host communities, thereby, exposing them to toxic […]

Corruption, murder and intrigue in China

Posting on Shell Blog by LondonLad on Apr 16th, 2012 at 7:57 am REPLY TO THIS ARTICLE: Chinese Whispers: Sticking all sorts of crime on Shell? Not hysterical or a troll just sometimes fed up with the tabloid “reporting” you make with innuendos, titilation and insertions with the word “Shell” highlighted to try and make […]

Chinese Whispers: Sticking all sorts of crime on Shell?

Why don’t you start writing a new series for the X-Files for TV Donovan? With your ability at trying to stick all sorts of crime on Shell (e.g. the murder in China of Neil Heywood) fiction seems just right for you!! Posting on Shell Blog by LondonLad on Apr 14th, 2012 at 6:36 pm Why […]